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Link to MDE website for fish consumption advisories. FISH CONSUMPTION ADVISORIES

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) issued new advisories concerning the consumption of 13 recreationally caught fish species in 14 tidal waterbodies throughout the state. These new 'consumption advisories' supersede those previously issued by MDE in 1987 and 1999. (Those advisories applied to channel catfish, American eel, carp and black crappie recreationally caught in the Potomac, Back and Patapsco rivers as well as Lake Roland.) The fish advisories are geared to protect public health, particularly individuals and their families who regularly consume their catch from Maryland tidal waters where unhealthy levels of fish-borne contaminants have been found. Children, and women who are or may become pregnant, are most susceptible to health risks associated with fish-borne contaminants and should take special note of these advisories. Recent changes in the recommended daily consumption estimates used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), combined with new sampling data and improved analytical techniques have resulted in today's advisories. Click here to view the full MDE press release. To help fully understand the scope of the advisory, MDE has also posted an advisory summary page, and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) dealing with these new advisories. You may also contact MDE directly @ 1-800-633-6101.


Biologists have summarized the results of the Volunteer anglers Survey for the year 2000. This survey was designed to supplement information from DNR fishery surveys on tidal largemouth and smallmouth bass populations. Anglers send results of their fishing trips to DNR and these are entered into a database of bass fishing trips in tidal fresh and brackish waters from around the state.

Twenty- two anglers reported on 2068 hours of fishing by themselves, their friends and clubs. The rate of catch for fishing trips ranged from 0 to 5.3 bass per hour. The average number of fish caught per hour for all trips was 0.93 and was 0.64 for bass 12 inches or larger. The Potomac River had the highest catch rate but the Upper Bay had larger fish on average. The Eastern Shore rivers (from the Chester River south) were in between in regards to both rate of catch and size. The majority of fish caught were between 11 and 15 inches with the 13 to 14 inch group the most frequently caught. The best catches occurred during early spring with May being the best month for numbers bass of all sizes and for bass greater than 12 inches. MORE...



Link to MDE. You will be leaving the DNR Fishing Report.Our sister agency, The Maryland Department of Environment (MDE), is mandated by Environmental Article Section 4-405C to oversee the investigation of fish kill incidents throughout the state. The Fish Kill Response Section manages and coordinates a multi-agency (including DNR), state-wide fish kill response program. Staff are on call during the regular workweek and on weekends, holidays and after normal working hours to ensure that all fish kill reports are promptly addressed. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REPORT FISH KILLS CONTACT: Maryland Department of the Environment Technical and Regulatory Services Administration Field Operations Office Fish Kill Response Section 416 Chinquapin Round Road, Annapolis, MD 21401 Normal work hours: 410-974-3238 After hours: 1-888-584-3110 or 410-631-3937, or refer to:

MDE's Fish Kill Website.

The 1999 DNR Circle Hook Study

Ccircle Hook Graphic
By DNR Fisheries Service Biologist
Rudy Lukacovic

In he summer and autumn of 1999, DNR's Fisheries Service conducted a detailed survey to compare mortality rates of striped bass caught on circle hooks vs. standard "J" bait hooks while chumming for striped bass. Led by principal investigator Rudy Lukacovic, the study sought to quantify the rate of deep hooking with each type of hook, and the corresponding mortality associated with their use. (MORE...)



Jeff Graham with a striped bass that was caught and released on the Susquehanna Flats.The Legislature approved the Susquehanna Flats striped bass catch and release season in just the nick of time last Thursday, March 14, 2002. Opening day, March 15, 2002, was successful for most anglers but overall action has been spotty. Anglers took advantage of the opportunity to get out of the house on Saturday before the nasty weather appeared in the afternoon. Natural Resources Police counted 200 boats on the Flats Saturday. Sunday's inclement weather kept all but a few intrepid anglers from venturing out on the water. Those that ventured out fished in wind, sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures. Pictured on the left is angler Jeff Graham with a striped bass that was caught and released on March 19, 2002 after snapping this photo. Jeff caught this striper using a 1/2 oz Gotcha shad head with a 5 inch Opening Night Bass Assassin. Water temperature was 47 degrees Fahrenheit at 12 to 20 feet. Eleven other fish ranging in size from 12 inch to 35 inches were caught and released by Jeff and his friends John Bucher and Jay Eichelberger yesterday afternoon. Anglers are reminded that the Susquehanna River is closed to this fishery. For regulation information on the striped bass Susquehanna Flats catch and release season refer to FINS. Closures are in place for the striped bass spawning period from March 1 through May 31st. Maps for the proposed striped bass season are available off the FINS page.

The yellow perch run is over and anglers are anxiously waiting for the appearance of white perch and hickory shad. Photo of an alewifeWhite perch action is just around the corner and anglers are picking up a few on the leading edge. Generally, perch are being caught in the lower to middle portions of the rivers with a few popping up here and there upriver. Some places to catch them right now are Jug Bay and Wayson's Corner on the Patuxent River and the Marshy Hope and Choptank River. Traditional places like Millington and Red Bridges have not turned on yet. Hickory shad typically appear late March or April. Alewife herring (pictured on the right) have arrived and are passing through some of the fish passages. Recreational angler, Gary Estep, has been catching them at Tuckahoe State Park using small shad darts with 2 split shots approximately 12 to 15 inches above. Gary reported catching two hickory shad yesterday (March 18, 2002). For many anglers, shad and herring are often difficult to distinguish. DNR Biologist, Jim Thompson - Fish Passage, has created an identification sheet to help anglers with this task.

Anglers are reminded that there is currently a slot limit in place for walleye in the Potomac River mainstem approximately 0.5 miles upriver from Chain bridge upstream to the flood control dam in Cumberland from January 1 through April 15th. The minimum size is 15 inches with a maximum size of 20 inches. The first trout stocking closure, March 10 to March 30, is in effect. The number two closure is on the horizon, March 24 to March 30. Below is Howard Stinefelt's weekly trout stocking update.

Trout Stocking, March 18-22, 2002

Just SIIINGING in the rain. Just singing in the RAIN. oops. Y'all caught me belting out show tunes again, which I don't usually do. Actually I should have been singing, "Just STOOOOCKING in the rain." because that's what we did all day Wednesday on the Little Patuxent River and other areas in Howard County.

Yes, we finally got rain, not as much as southern Virginia, thank you, but we will take what Mother Nature gives us. Streams responded too. All of them kicked up fairly high but we still have quite a rain deficient to make up. We will see if flows hold until opening day. Maybe more rain will come.

This week, fisheries crews have been very busy stocking trout into the #1 closure streams in preparation for the March 30 opener. Just as a reminder, all #1 streams are closed to all fishing until March 30 and #2 closures start Sunday night, March 24. This spring, all stocking trucks will be loaded with a mix of mostly standard-sized, 10" to 11" rainbow trout to include several net-fulls per tank of 2-year holdovers averaging 14"-15" long. In addition several 3-year old jumbos will go on each truck load. Some of them weigh nearly 4 to 6 pounds!!! These are real nice fish folks; enjoy them.

This week we also stocked the following areas that are open now to immediate fishing (0 Closure Areas). The Little Patuxent River (2/day) got 1500 that were spread out from the Savage Mill upstream well past the falls and from Vollmerhausen Road upstream near the I-95 bridge. Also stocked were Avalon Pond 250 (under16-over65), and Bennett Cerf Pond 350 (2/day). I also did an unscheduled (a.k.a. - "sneak stocking") of 100 trout into Taneytown Pond. Interesting observation - When I arrived at Taneytown Pond, 2 fishermen there had just caught their limit of trout and this pond hadn't been stocked since late January. One caught his trout on a Super-duper and the other was using blue power bait. They both would probably give me heck for snitching. but hey, that's my job. not snitching, but telling you fisherfolks what's catching fish. Also this week we anticipate stocking Stansbury Park Pond and Bynum Run Park Pond. Bynum Run Park Pond is a new area located in Harford County just west of Bel Air off of Route 22 by the John Carroll High School. Since Bynum Run Pond is not designated Put&Take the daily creel limit there for trout is 2/day. Both Stansbury & Bynum Run Ponds are getting trout diverted from the lower Gunpowder that is still way too low to stock.

Now, about the trout/drought game plan. Seems like that no sooner do we get a game plan set up that it rains again and we have to regroup. As it stands now, after Wednesday's rain, all areas east and south of Rt 15 in Frederick County should be stocked for opening day except the lower Gunpowder Falls downstream of Loch Raven Reservoir. There's little hope that Loch Raven will spillover by opening day and that's what we need to have happen before we can stock this river. Lower Gunpowder trout are being diverted to other nearby areas (see above). All areas in Garrett and western Allegany Counties are looking very good and all will be stocked for the opener. However, we are still looking closely at North Jennings Run. It's a very small stream and needs lots of flow to be stockable. That leaves the Catoctin Mountain streams and those in eastern Allegany County. Stream flows now look very promising in these two areas but we need to watch them through the weekend to see how their flows hold up. I'm sure most, if not all, of them will be stocked with a fair number of trout for opening day. I'll keep you posted about stocking in these two regions.

Don't forget to update your friends who don't have access to the Internet or are unaware of this DNR web site. Keep them informed of what's happening with trout stocking. A lot of important, last-minute stocking information will be appear on this site so check back often.

See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Oceanside headboats are getting geared up for the upcoming annual Boston mackerel run. This run typically starts late March or early April.

**Breaking News - Conowingo Fisherman's Park, White Perch, Trout Stocking, Hickory Shad, and Boston Mackerel***

Conowingo Hydroelectric Station's Fisherman's Park re-opens for recreational activity on April 1, 2002. To read the full press release click here.

White perch are running in places such as Tuckahoe and the Patuxent River. For additional options refer to maps of the Eastern Shore and Western Shore created by map guru, Paul Genovese.

Anglers started catching an occasional hickory shad at Deer Creek and Tuckahoe. Shad darts and small spoons are a couple of lure options.

Boston mackerel have arrived in Ocean City.

Trout Stocking, March 25-29, 2002

Opening Day for all #1 & #2 Closure Areas is March 30. Kick-off is at 5:30am.

The March 30 opener is only days away and considering the prolonged drought we've been in for months, you are probably wondering if your favorite fishing hole has been stocked for opening day. Over the past few weeks we've gotten a couple of good rains, the last occurring Tuesday night. As a result, stream flows and lake levels across the State have improved substantially. Each shower has sent us scrambling back to rethink the trout/drought game plan in an attempt to stock out the greatest number of trout that prevailing flows would permit. I've had to redo this stocking update twice this week just to keep up with the progress of our dedicated team of hatchery managers and stocking crews. They are to be commended for a job well done in stocking out as many trout as they did for opening day in spite of drought conditions.

Lets get right to the trout/drought status report starting from the west. You will be pleasantly surprised. All scheduled stockings of #1 & #2 closure areas in GARRETT, ALLEGANY, and WASHINGTON COUNTIES have been completed (or will be shortly). Yes, even the Allegany streams that were nearly dry 3 weeks ago are now looking good and were stocked this week. In FREDERICK COUNTY, all areas to include Friends, Owens and Middle Creeks were stocked with the exception of Fishing Creek that received only a partial stocking of trout in the lower half. Also, trout were not stocked in Hamburg Pond. All #1 & #2 areas in the REST OF THE STATE east and south of Frederick County were stocked except the lower Gunpowder River below Loch Raven Dam. Also, Severn Run received only a partial stocking at Burns Crossing, New Cut and Dicus Mill Roads. And last, Piney Run in Carroll County was partially stocked in the upper half only. That's it folks! Not bad considering the dire straights we were in only a month ago. After a lot of last minute scrambling our stocking mission was accomplished thanks again to DNR's dedicated team of professional fisheries workers.

In addition, all non-closure areas scheduled for this week (according to the Week-of Trout Stocking Schedule) have been stocked. Taneytown Pond got a heavy stocking this week and should be a good bet in lieu of the opening day streams. Also a good bet is Lake Waterford. This lake received extra trout that had previously been allocated to Severn Run. Bowie Town Center Pond got a small stocking this week as well. Don't forget that last week trout were diverted from the lower Gunpowder to Stansbury Pond in Baltimore County and Bynum Run Pond in Harford County.

Please update your friends and relatives who don't have access to the Internet or are unaware of this DNR web site. Keep them informed of what's happening with trout stocking. Have fun on opening day and take a kid fishing. Maybe they will be one of the lucky few to catch one of the dozens of 3 year old, 3-5 pound, holdovers we stocked at many locations. Let us know if you catch one.

See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist
March 28, 2002



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