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Latest Update: May 14, 2008

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We usually get a lot of photos this time of year, if you submitted a photo and don't see your picture in the regular report please look in the photo gallery that we run this time year. Click here for this week's gallery (8 photos).


It was quite a weekend for most of Maryland in the weather department. Rains on Friday and then a good old Northeaster on late Sunday dumped 5-inches of rain in many areas of Maryland and whipped up waves in the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. Many boaters and water front communities seemed to be caught unaware until it was too late and stories of boats floating off boat lifts, broken dock lines and smashed or sunken boats were the topics of discussion on Monday. Currently many of the tidal rivers entering the Chesapeake are still at flood stage as is the Potomac River but thankfully not the Susquehanna. It seems most of the Susquehanna watershed was spared the heavy rains so in a sense the Chesapeake will be spared untold tonnage of choking sediment.

Fishermen looking to striped bass for their fishing pleasures will find new opportunities this Friday, May 16th as new regulations fall into place. Fishermen in the Susquehanna Flats Catch and Release area will be allowed to keep one 18 to 26 striped bass from May 16th until May 31st. Fishermen farther down the bay from a line drawn from the southern point of Hart-Miller Island to Tolchester to the Virginia border will now be able to keep two striped bass between 18 and 28 or one in that size category and one above 28 per day.

Fishermen in the upper bay will most likely be dealing will cloudier water conditions thisStriped Bass weekend and may find chartreuse to be a good color to try while trolling. Most fishermen will continue to troll along the steeper edges of the shipping channel and around the Bay Bridge and the Dumping Grounds just north of the Bridge. A number of fishermen are starting to talk about chumming and no doubt a few will try it this weekend. Dan Johnson was fishing with friends just north of the Bay Bridge when he caught this fine looking striped bass recently.

Fishermen in the middle bay region will be out in force this weekend trolling for the last of the large striped bass moving through the region. They will be trolling the big stuff off of planer boards and flat lines but many will also be pulling medium sized bucktails and swim shads looking for those 18 to 28 slot fish. The GumStriped Bass Thickets down to Buoy 83 and the western side of the shipping channel from Chesapeake Beach to the Gas Docks continue to be the places where most fishermen will look. Michael Cratty found this nice 41 striped bass off Breezy Point while fishing with his dad and was assisted by Greg Bivins doing the honors with the net.

The fishing has really been hopping this past week in the lower bay region and promises to offer more of the same this weekend. Many boats will be trolling a combination of large lures for large striped bass but also smaller offering for those 18 to 28 fish. Fishermen in the lower bay region have also been presented with the option of jigging with light tackle for their fish. Breaking striped bass are being reported off the Gas Docks down to Point Lookout and at the mouth of the Potomac chasing bait. Most of these fish range from 24 to 34 in size and areStriped Bass stacked up under bait. Jay Fleming celebrated the end of college final exams last week by heading out with a few college buddies and spending the afternoon thick in striped bass.

Lower Bay and Tangier Sound region fishermen continue to see more croaker pouring into the region. The best croaker fishing remains off the mouth of the Wicomico River as it enters the Potomac and to a lesser degree in the Tangier/Pocomoke Sound area. Flounder fishing in the Tangier Sound area has picked up this week and fishermen report good fishing along channel edges.

Freshwater anglers are finding good fishing in the western region of the state except for the upper Potomac River drainage; which is at flood stage due to heavy rains. This photo sent in by John Mullican of Dam 4 on the Potomac on Tuesday morning tells quite a story.

Flood WatersFishermen in the central, southern and eastern regions of the state will also have to deal with high water in most of the tidal rivers but the level should dissipate by the weekend. Most lakes and ponds will also settle down by the end of the week. The largemouth bass have finished spawning in most areas of the state and have departed the shallow spawning areas. This is a very exciting time to fish for largemouth since the water is still cool enough to keep them active and they are feeding heavily.

Oceanside anglers will see water conditions improve later on this week as surf conditions calm down and winds diminish. Flounder fishing continues to be good in the back bay areas and fishermen are catching large striped bass in the surf as they head north along the beaches. Tautog fishing remains good at the wreck and artificial reef sites and sea bass fishing has improved in recent days.

Fishing ChallengeThe Maryland Fishing Challenge continues through this month and until September 1st. Fishermen are encouraged to register any fish they catch that meets the minimum size criteria at a Citation Center to be in the drawing for a number of prizes which include a new 4x4 Tundra pickup truck, a boat, motor and trailer outfit and thousands of dollars in prizes. Information concerning rules and where you can register your fish can be found at the following website link:





Quote of the Week:

"About ninety in a hundred fancy themselves anglers. About one in a hundred is an angler."

Col. Peter Hawker 1814

We usually get a lot of photos this time of year, if you submitted a photo and don't see your picture in the regular report please look in the photo gallery that we run this time year. Click here for this week's gallery (8 photos).

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