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Latest Update: May 21, 2008

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Rain and wind seem to be two weather features that have been dominating Maryland for a number of weeks now and hopefully we’ll get a break of sunny warm weather just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. There has been a lot of cold runoff running into streams, creeks and tidal rivers depressing water temperatures and causing flooding and poor fishing conditions in many areas. Fishermen have been taking advantage of small windows of opportunity when they present themselves to get out and do a little fishing whether it is in some small stream, pond or the Chesapeake Bay.

Fishermen in the Susquehanna Flats Fishery area are finding smaller fish now and many are fitting the bill for the opportunity to keep one striped bass in the 18” to 26” size range. Farther down the bay in the region above the Bay Bridge fishermen are starting to look to chumming to catch their striped bass and are reporting good results. Middle Bay and lower bay fishermen continue to either troll, jig or chum for their striped bass. The larger striped bass are becoming scarcer and many fishermen are now targeting fish less than 28”. The croaker fishery continues to hold back from fully developing; most likely due to chilly water temperatures. The mouth of the Wicomico River on the lower Potomac and the Middle Grounds are two of the highlights in this fishery at present.Central Inland Fisheries Trout Stocking Crew

Freshwater fishermen are enjoying good fishing for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass in many areas where water conditions are good. The upper Potomac is still under a safety advisory from Cumberland to Great Falls and a number of tidal rivers feeding into the Chesapeake are still running strong with runoff. Fisheries crews are finishing up their spring stocking of trout in many of the “Put and Take” trout fishing waters. This is back breaking work for the stocking crews and volunteers to help are always welcomed. This crew was recently stocking the Great Seneca Creek in Montgomery County and received help from two volunteers that spanned quite an age difference. Six- year old Zack Minnick and 87-year old Charles Koiner pause for a picture with the fisheries crew after helping stock trout.

Fishermen at the Ocean City area are catching flounder in the back bay areas; but haveArtificial Reef Building Offshore been hampered a bit lately in their efforts due to windy conditions churning up the bay waters. The Ocean City Inlet area also has been plagued with churned up water lately and the striped bass and tautog fishing dropped off over the weekend but should improve with better water conditions. Surf fishermen continue to enjoy good opportunities for catching large striped bass as they move through the region on their northward migration. Tautog and sea bass fishing continues on the offshore wreck and artificial reef sites. The artificial reef program off Ocean City got a shot in the arm this past Friday with the deployment of 44 retired New York subway cars at the Jackspot.

The 2008 Maryland Fishing Challenge is off to an incredible start. With over 500Fishing Challenge anglers already entered into the challenge, is appears as though this year will be like no other. Congratulations to Leonardo Garcia of Owings Mills for landing a 17” crappie and Chris Shaw of Baltimore for catching a 22” rainbow trout! Both have been entered in the challenge and are qualified to win a 2008 Toyota Tundra, a boat and trailer from Bass Pro Shops and thousands of dollars in prizes from Bill’s Outdoor Center. Mark your calendars for June 2 when the first Diamond Jim of the year will be dropped into the Bay and give anglers the opportunity to win even more great prizes made possible by Smyth Jewelers and Boater’s World. Visit for more info.





Quote of the Week:

"Now then my son,” the old man said “we ain’t goin’ to talk any, because fishin’ is a silent sport and a lot of conversation scares the fish and wrecks the mood. What I want you to do is sit there and fish and when the fish ain’t bitin’ I want you to listen and look and think. Think about heaven and hell and just how long is hereafter. Look at everything you see and listen to everything you hear, just like you were brand-new come from another world and think about all those things and how they got there. Now let’s fish."

Robert Ruark The Old Man and the Boy

We usually get a lot of photos this time of year, if you submitted a photo and don't see your picture in the regular report please look in the photo gallery that we run this time year. Click here for this week's gallery (8 photos).

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A Couple of Closing Notes...

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