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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishermen at Deep Creek Lake continue to enjoy excellent smallmouth bass fishing. The fish can be found lurking under floating docks along the shorelines and flipping soft plastics under the docks or as close as possible has been the ticket. The largemouth bass are finishing up the last of their spawn and are entering their post-spawn phase and will be feeding aggressively like the smallmouth bass. At this time the largemouth bass should be moving out of the shallower cove areas and holding near secondary points. There are still plenty of chain pickerel, bluegills and pike in the cove areas and can be caught on a variety of lures.

Regional fisheries manager Alan Klotz sent in this wonderful report for us from the western region. The Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Areas are now open to allow anglers to harvest two trout daily with no bait restrictions. The Casselman River, Yough River in Friendsville, and the upper North Branch Potomac River Delayed Harvest Areas have remained relatively cool and should still hold good numbers of trout. Many of our Put and Take Trout Fishing Areas also still are holding good numbers of trout from earlier spring stockings.

The Savage River Trophy Trout Fishing Area is fishing very well in the evening hours as the mayflies have a spinner fall and the lime sallies are hatching. Well known local angler Sull McCartney reported having an excellent evening of fishing at the Ph D pool, landing five brown trout in the 12- 18 inch range, and a nice 10 inch brook trout using a CDC mayfly spinner pattern.

Broadford Lake and Deep Creek Lake are fishing great for panfish. Broadford Lake may provide some exciting striped bass fishing within a few years as Fisheries Service stocked about 2,500 fingerlings stripers last week. Striped bass stockings were conducted during the 1980s in Broadford Lake, and these fish were still being occasionally caught up to a couple years ago and these were some truly trophy fish!

Josh Henesy sent in this report for us from the upper Potomac River. Fishermen have been reporting non stop smallmouth action on both surface and subsurface presentations. Lower water levels, coupled with clear water conditions have seemed to have made the fish a bit more cautious; however, longer casts intoSmallmouth Bass deeper pockets of water have been eliciting repeated strikes. Top water action has been producing fish throughout the day, but the action really turns on during the early hours of dawn, as well as right at dusk due in part to a recent mayfly hatch. Sam Rock from Hagerstown, MD brought his 50+ years of fly fishing experience onto the upper Potomac over the weekend. Mr. Rock was more than pleased with the abundance of Potomac smallmouth bass and the top water action with various popping bugs.

Central/Southern Region:

Now that the heat of summer has finally settled in most freshwater fishermen have been focusing on fishing for largemouth bass. The numerous lakes, reservoirs, ponds and tidal rivers certainly hold good Largemouth Basspopulations of bass. They are being caught during the day by fishermen working soft plastics such as Senkos close to deep sunken wood or under shade such as leaning trees or old docks. Deep running crankbaits, jigs and slow retrieved spinnerbaits are also good options. The favorite time to fish for most though is early in the morning and late evening when the bass are more active and are entering shallower areas prowling for food. This is when bass fishermen love to use topwater lures for some exciting surface strikes. Frog imitations seem to be the first choice for this kind of fishing and the soft plastic versions that are rigged weedless or the pre-rigged version that have double hooks that face upwards such as the Bronzeye frog or the Chuck-It Frog. David Mims caught and released this 7-1/2lb beauty while fishing in a southern Maryland pond.

Trout fishermen have been enjoying some good fly fishing on the Gunpowder River lately fishing with tan, green and yellow caddis flies that imitate the adult and pupa stages. The Gunpowder has been receiving good releases of water from Largemouth BassPrettyboy Reservoir so water levels are good for the trout and fishing.

Fishermen have been fishing for a number of other fish in the tidal rivers; channel catfish are biting well in many of the central regions tidal rivers from the Susquehanna River south. Fishermen are also finding both yellow and white perch as well as chain pickerel and largemouth bass. Josh Smith was fishing in the Bush River with a spinnerbait when he caught and released this nice largemouth bass.

Eastern Region:

Freshwater fishing in the eastern region has settled into a typical summer pattern as fishermen and fish alike try to beat the mid-day heat. Most fishermen that are serious about their largemouth bass fishing are at the boat ramps in the pre- dawn hours so that they can fish the dawn topwater bite. Fishermen love to fish their topwater lures in the shallow areas and around grass beds. Plastic weedless frogs have been a favorite for most and its for a good reason, the largemouth bass love them. Bass fishermen have mentioned that they find the plastic frogs effective even into the mid-morning hours if they fish the shaded sides of the tidal rivers. Most fishermen however begin to switch to soft plastics such as 4 whacky rigged worms or Senkos and fish shade cover such as sunken wood or old piers, docks and blow downs. The outside edges of spatterdock fields in the tidal rivers and creeks along channel edges are a real go to place; especially on an ebbing tide.

One of the more relaxing things for fishermen to do is of course wait till after dinner and head down to the local pond and fish the evening bite. Few things are more relaxing and the days worries just seem to melt away when one is casting topwater lures for largemouth bass. Bluegills are active and can offer the same kind of fun if one is fly casting with small rubber legged poppers.

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