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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishermen at Deep Creek Lake report good fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass this week on topwater lures during the morning and evening hours or on cloudy days; now that water temperatures are cooling. During the remainder of sunny days fishing jigs or spinnerbaits over deep grass or outside of docks have been working well for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Fishermen looking for walleye, yellow perch and crappie have been finding them near some of the deeper piers of the bridges.

The trout streams and rivers in the western region are running clear, cool and a bit low. The fall trout stocking got off to a start on this past Tuesday September 30th with the stocking of Owens, Carroll and Friends Creeks with 500 trout each. Check for further stockings as they occur.

WalleyeThe upper Potomac River is currently running low but the smallmouth bass and walleye fishing has been good. The water temperatures are now in the mid 60ís and the fish are very active. Fishing tubes and jigs near ledges and drop offs are excellent places to catch smallmouth and walleye similar to this one being unhooked and released.

Central/Southern Region:

Cooler water temperatures in the larger reservoirs of the central region have largemouth bass on the move for a greater period of time during the day. The early morning and evening topwater action is now even extending throughout the day during cloudy days. Fishermen are also using spinnerbaits, crankbaits and various plastics near sunken wood, grass bed edges and steep edges with good success. The smallmouth bass fishing atLargemouth Bass Liberty and Prettyboy Reservoirs has also picked up in intensity this week and fishermen are finding it is the best of times to fish for them. Crappie are beginning to school up near deep water bridge piers and docks and can be caught on small tubes, jigs or small minnows. Marvin Lee was fishing from the shore of Centennial Lake casting a spinnerbait when he caught and released this 6lb+ largemouth bass last weekend.

Fishermen in the tidal portion of the lower Susquehanna River have been experiencing some rather good fishing for a mix of largemouth and smallmouth bass along with some walleye recently. As water temperatures continue to cool this fishery will only get better. Fishermen looking for largemouth bass in a number of the tidal rivers and creeks within the central and southern regions have been experiencing higher than normal tides recently making it a little tougher to locate bass. The fish have been able to move far back into grass beds as they search for food. The cooler water temperatures have bass and a number of other freshwater species in a much more active role now as they move more freely throughout the water column. Fishing for channel catfish and carp has also been on the upswing due to cooler water temperatures. Fishermen in the tidal Potomac have seen an increase in catches of large blue catfish recently and the trend will certainly continue as water temperatures drop.

Officials have reported that St Maryís Lake will have to undergo a draw down so repairs can be made to the dam area. The boat ramp is currently closed and repairs are not expected to be completed until April of 2009.

Eastern Region:

Fishermen are experiencing wonderful fishing conditions this week as cooler air temperatures certainly make it more pleasant to be out fishing but also cooler water temperatures have broken the summer mode of fish behavior in many fish species and in particular, largemouth bass. All across the eastern regions lakes, ponds and tidal waters largemouth bass are actively feeding later one in the mornings and earlier in the evenings and often throughout the entire day. Topwater lures which are the lures of choice in the mornings and evenings over shallow water are now even effective throughout the day on cloudy days.

The fish are feeling a more comfortable range of water temperatures and fishermen are enjoying the action. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jigs such as grubs and soft plastics are all good choices this time of the year in a variety of situations. Largemouth bass can be found cruising outside of grass beds or spatterdock fields or near sunken wood such as fallen tree tops.

The bottom of a falling tide is often one of the more productive times to fish the tidal rivers as the largemouth bass tend to hold on the outside edges of the spatterdock or shallower grass beds. Spinnerbaits are often a good choice for this type of fishing.

Crappie are beginning to school up near deep sunken brush or other similar sunken wood or bridge or dock piers. Fishing for channel catfish is a good option this week as cooler water temperatures have increased the activity levels of these fish. Channel areas and holes are always a good place to try a variety of baits for these fine eating and hard fighting fish.

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