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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Largemouth BassRegional fisheries biologist Alan Klotz tells us that the trout streams and rivers in the western region have recovered from recent rains and are fishing nice. The Casselman received a stocking last week so fishing there should be good. Fishing in the regions lakes continues to be good this week. Shannon Bishop decided to try some fishing at Rocky Gap while camping with her family on Mother’s Day and caught and released this fine largemouth bass.

Fishermen at Deep Creek Lake are enjoying good fishing for smallmouth bass this week while casting from shore with a variety of small crankbaits and soft plastic jigs. The lakes rocky points are one of the better places to find smallmouth this week. Fishermen are also catching walleyes in the same general areas; often on small crankbaits and jerkbaits.

John Mullican sent us a picture from the upper Potomac concerning the high flood conditions that will most likely continue through this week. This is certainly not a time to try and go out on the river; most fish are probably holding on for dear life anyway.

Central/Southern Region:

Striped BassA number of the tidal rivers and creeks are showing the effects of runoff this week in the form of clarity issues and in some waterways floating debris. In many of the regions tidal rivers the largemouth bass have finished spawning and the female largemouth bass are holding in slightly deeper water near the spawning beds.

A good strategy this week is to cast near sunken wood and other hard cover such as rocks and retrieve your lure very slowly. Rattling crankbaits and spinnerbaits slowly retrieved should be a good bet. Fishermen will be looking for adjoining creeks that may have clearer water in them for better fishing.Most of the reservoirs in the central region are in good shape this week. Fishermen may see some cloudy water due to runoff in the upper portions of the reservoirs. Female largemouth bass have moved off their spawning beds for the most part and most are resting in slightly deeper waters. After a brief rest these fish will be actively feeding so this week may be a very good time to try and catch a big bass. There is off and on rain conditions predicted through the weekend but the forecast tends to be scattered so overcast conditions may be a good thing for fishing.

Liberty Reservoir is noted for its smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing and also landlocked striped bass. Dave Jacox was casting a soft plastic lure from the shore of Liberty when he caught this striped bass.

Eastern Region:

Most of the region’s tidal rivers and creeks have recovered from last week’s rains and subsequent runoff. There are still some water clarity issues in the Nanticoke, channel catfishChoptank and upper Chester but water levels have fallen to acceptable levels. The upper Nanticoke and adjoining Marshyhope Creek will be offering good fishing for post-spawn largemouth bass this week in areas where the females have dropped from the spawning areas into slightly deeper waters. The upper Choptank River above the town of Denton is a good place to fish for largemouth bass this week as is the Chester River above Georgetown. Good places to fish in any of the tidal rivers in the eastern region would be sunken wood, old docks and piers and emerging deep grass beds

This is a great time of the year to fish for channel catfish in a number of the regions tidal rivers such as the Elk, Sassafras, Bohemia, Chester, Choptank and Nanticoke. Most any kind of cut bait, nightcrawlers or chicken liver is a good choice for this type of fishing. Jim Thompson likes to fish the upper Chester River for channel catfish and this past weekend; Jim caught a real whopper.

The regions small lakes and ponds are quickly filling out in a dressing of vegetation in the form of lily pads, spatterdock, pickerel weed and underwater grasses. These will good places to look for a variety of fish such as chain pickerel, largemouth bass and bluegills. Often they will seek shade from the bright sun or simply find it a good place to look for food. One would suppose that shade will not be a problem this week and through the weekend with the weather forecast the weatherman is giving us; more clouds and rain for the next week.

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