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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Summer is now officially here for fishermen at Deep Creek Lake and boat traffic is now a factor to be considered when fishing main lake points for walleyes, smallmouth bass and yellow perch. The early morning hours will get most fishermen some safe reprieve but be very careful in the evenings. Drifting with a shiner or minnow under a bobber or without is always a productive way to catch a mix of fish. Trolling Rapala type lures deep is a good way to catch large trout near the dam and in other areas walleye and smallmouth bass may also be takers. Largemouth bass are setting up shop under floating docks and moored pontoon boats and skipping soft plastics under them is a sure way to hook up. Terry Walker caught this nice rainbow trout at Deep Creek Lake while fishing with some old friends.

The regionís rivers and streams have been running high lately due to rain fall but are quickly returning to good conditions. The upper Potomac is still running high and cloudy but should be ready for fishing by this weekend.

Central/Southern Region:

It looks like fishermen may finally be getting a reprieve from dodging thunderstorms and dealing with high and cloudy water conditions. The rest of this week is starting to shape up to be nice although hot weather may be moving in. Water temperatures in most of the two regions reservoirs, lakes, ponds and tidal rivers have been moderated by runoff and cloudy cool weather. That may change soon and now that we are officially into the summer season warmer water temperatures will put fish such as largemouth bass into a summer pattern of feeding behavior. We are not quite there yet and fishermen this week are catching largemouth bass in a variety of ways during the day.

Surface lures are a real thrill this time of the year for largemouth bass in the shallows. Large dark poppers and other lures such as Jitterbugs are a good choice in cloudy water conditions. Many fishermen are looking for clearer waters in lakes and especially tidal rivers where often the largemouth bass are looking for the same thing. In clearer water smaller natural looking surface lures are a real plus since largemouth bass can actually see what they are going after.

Grass beds in the regions waters are thick and full in many areas and provide ideal places for largemouth bass to hunker down in the shade. Retrieving small crankbaits and jerkbaits over the deeper grass and weedless surface lures such as plastic frogs and buzzbaits over matted grass are good choices. Soft plastic worms and craws worked on the bottom near deep sunken wood is usually a good strategy during brighter hours of the day.

Eastern Region:

Recent heavy rains have made successful fishing for largemouth bass in the tidal rivers of the upper and mid shore difficult this week. High and cloudy water has not been an asset for fishermen. Some feeder creeks are running clearer and are often targeted by fishermen and largemouth bass alike. The tidal rivers of the lower shore are also running high but tend to be a little less cloudy but are stained with tannin runoff from woodlands. Some of the rivers such as the Pocomoke look more like root beer this week rather than the typical tea color. An ebbing tide is usually the best time to fish grass beds and spatterdock fields along the outside edges with crankbaits and spinnerbaits; deeper sunken wood such as stump and logs are good places to fish spinnerbaits and soft plastics such as craws.

The regions lakes and ponds can offer a lot of good fishing this time of the year for largemouth bass, bluegills and chain pickerel. Kyle Tibbet shows off a chain pickerel he caught in the Tony Tank Canal in Salisbury.

Channel catfish seem to be taking all of this high water in stride and fishing for them continues to offer a lot of action and good eating for fishermen. Cut baits of herring or shiners, chicken livers are always good and nightcrawlers are always a good bet except small perch tend to worry them a bit with their nibbling.

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