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Ocean Side Fishing Report

The fishing on the Atlantic side remains concentrated on summer flounder, bluefin tuna, and sea bass, with some striper fishing around the inlet occurring as well. Spot have started to increase in density, with fish of all sizes showing up.

In shore spot fishing really picked up this week. Summer flounder of all sizes are being caught as well; ranging in size from two inches to four pounds. The pattern seems to be to spot fish for awhile, and then flounder fish. There is always the possibility of the odd really large fish showing up around the inlet and in the back bays on any given day. On Sunday something grabbed the fish bite on my spot rod strung with twelve pound test, and proceeded to strip the line off the reel and snapped the line in short order. If you ask me it acted like a bluefin, it just couldn’t be slowed.

The near shore wrecks are holding sea bass and more and more summer flounder each week. Also triggers, small scup and an odd assortment of other reef fish are showing up as well. One head boat caught a nice cod last week, go figure. When cod were abundant off of Maryland in the not so distant past, they usually showed up in the winter.

Offshore attention is still being focused on the bluefin tuna. They are being picked from a few regular spots, and then randomly from the 20 fathom line. The bluefin are being finicky as usual, with most boats scoring one day, and then most boats coming back with a skunk in their box the next day. The hambone and chicken bone are still producing fish, and the twin wrecks and fingers are still producing on and off days as well. It is what we call Prosac fishing, with huge fish and great excitement one day, and then whole days of trolling without a knockdown the next. The interesting thing is that there are large fish; tuna, dolphin, and white marlin scattered far inside of their usual haunts, as close as 30 miles from port, but isolated would probably be a better word than scattered.

Water temperatures are pretty consistent from the beach to the deep, at around 73 to 74 degrees. The Rutgers sea surface shot shows some pocket of water in the high 70s to closer to 80 degrees near the edge of the canyons. I speculate that if you were to find this water you would have a decent white marlin, dolphin, and possibly yellowfin tuna bite. We will find out soon enough what’s in that water, as boats start the recon for the white marlin tournament in two weeks.

Steve Doctor
Fisheries Biologist
MD DNR Fisheries Service


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