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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishing for walleye and smallmouth bass at Deep Creek Lake continues to be good this week for fishermen. The walleye and smallmouth bass are feeding aggressively along rocky shores and edges and the edges of deep grass. A jig and minnow combination is a good choice for walleyes as is diving crankbaits. The diving crankbaits are also a good choice for smallmouth bass. The smallmouth bass are feeding heavily on crawfish so crankbaits and soft craw jigs that resemble crawfish are good choices.

Fishing for smallmouth bass and walleyes in the upper Potomac River continues to be good as river flows are good and cool water temperatures have spurred on increased activity. Small jigs and swim shad type lures as well as small crankbaits worked close to the bottom have been a popular method of fishing.

Trout fishermen are finding good fishing prospects in nearly all of the trout waters in the region; cool water temperatures and good flows plus abundant trout are setting the stage for great trout fishing. Floating leaves can be a bit of a problem but all part of fishing in the fall. Mark Hutzell was fly fishing in a western region stream when he caught and released this tiger trout; a natural hybrid of a brook trout and a brown trout.

Central/Southern Region:

Perhaps some of the most exciting news we have to report this week is the exception smallmouth bass and walleye fishing in the lower Susquehanna River. Several reports and pictures have come in from fishermen enjoying catching rather large smallmouth bass and walleye in the river. Brad Meadows experienced some great fall action last weekend at the mouth of the Susquehanna River. I was able to pull of a Susky Grand Slam within a one hour period by catching smallmouth bass, walleye and striped bass by using Rapala plugs. Pictures of Brad’s fish are in the upper bay report and this week’s photo gallery. Paul Martin sent in a similar report about fishing with his brother. I had some great fishing on the Susky around Port Deposit this Saturday with my brother Steve Martin. We went up to the river look-n to catch some rockfish and we did get a few small ones but man we got into a school of smallmouth bass and it was crazy for about an hour or so. The dam was running a lot of water and it was roll-n drifting down the river throwing Rat-L- Trap baits. We caught and released almost a dozen smallmouth bass and all were big 20 inch plus fish in the 5 lb. class. Almost packed it in early the wind was blow-n and a going cold at the boat ramp at 6:00 it was 29 degrees; sure glad we stayed out.

Fishing for largemouth bass continues to be good this week in the two regions lakes, reservoirs and tidal rivers. Water temperatures are down into the low 50’s so a changing largemouth bass pattern is beginning to appear. The bulk of the bass are moving to drop-offs and holding rather deep. Deep diving crankbaits, grubs and soft craw jigs are all good choices for working these deep edges; whether one is fishing lake edges or channel edges of tidal creeks and rivers. Stephanie Eilerman was fishing a Senko worm along a 15’ edge of rocks and grass at Loch Raven Reservoir when she caught and released this fine looking largemouth bass.

Grass is rapidly declining in many of the regions tidal river such as the tidal Potomac. What little grass there is can often be holding a few largemouth bass and slow rolled spinnerbaits is a good way to entice them into striking. Fishermen are reporting that the pick up is very subtle and they have to come fast before setting the hook.

Fishing for trout in many of the put and take trout waters within the two regions remains good; there are still plenty of trout from last months generous stockings. The water temperatures are cool and stream and river flows are good so the good fishing should continue for quite some time.

Eastern Region:

Most freshwater fishermen are focusing on fishing for largemouth bass this week and for good reason. Cooler water temperatures and declining grass cover have caused the bass to move to deeper channel edges in the tidal rivers and creeks or deeper edges of lakes and ponds. Deep sunken wood such as fallen tree tops are excellent places to cast soft plastics such as grubs, worms and soft craw jigs. Diving crankbaits are also another good choice near channel edges, cypress knees and creek mouths. There are still some bass prowling the shallower waters during the day; especially on a warm sunny one so slow rolled spinnerbaits or jerkbaits can be a good option to try near declining grass beds.

Cooler water temperatures and declining grass beds means better fishing for chain pickerel. Chain pickerel are very active in cooler waters and with grass beds declining they are more accessible. Fishing for channel catfish remains good this week in most of the regions tidal rivers.

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