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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishermen at Deep Creek Lake reported tough fishing for walleyes and smallmouth bass this past week; the weather certainly didn’t help. Hopefully better weather this week will improve fishermen’s chances. Walleye, yellow perch and smallmouth bass should be prowling along deep steep edges of shorelines and deep grass.

Regional Fisheries Manager Alan Klotz sent us this nice report in regard to some wonderful trout fishing opportunities for children. The Conservation Fund's Freshwater Institute made another generous donation of trout that can be enjoyed by our youth anglers. Several Youth and Blind and Youth and Seniors Trout Fishing Areas received some plump rainbow trout recently. These areas included Grantsville's Parkview Pond, Frostburg's Lion Park Pond, Oakland's Glade Park Pond, Accident Community Pond, and Lake Habeeb. This past Sunday was an usually warm November day, so we took full advantage of the weather and headed out to the Accident Pond, where my son Kyle landed three of these nice trout on a Panther Martin spinner.

Central/Southern Region:

Brighter weather brought out fishermen this past weekend after several days of rain and wind. Water temperatures continue to drop in the two regions reservoirs, lakes and tidal rivers and fish are adjusting. Largemouth bass are moving to deeper water and looking for structure such as rocks, sunken wood or steep edges to hunker down. They are still feeding and bait fish such as juvenile bluegills, sunfish and minnows are high on the menu as they look for some kind of cover as shallow grass beds recede. Slow rolled spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits are a good choice to imitate these food items. Deep diving crankbaits, grubs and soft craw jigs work well where largemouth bass are holding deep and looking for crawfish. Bao Huynh was casting a crankbait at Centennial Lake expecting to catch a largemouth bass. He got quite a surprise when this rainbow trout hit his crankbait.

The fishing for walleye and smallmouth bass in the lower Susquehanna River remains very good this week. Most fishermen are using jigs and tubes and working close to the bottom as they drift down river in small boats. Other fishermen are being very successful by wading out from shore and casting up current and bouncing jigs or tubes along the bottom. The Conowingo Dam is releasing water each day; usually around mid-day so fishermen are always keeping an eye on the water release schedules.

Southern Region Fisheries Manager Mary Groves sent us this report. We recently found out late in the process that Cosca Lake needed to be drawn down for some maintenance this fall. The trout that were going to be stocked in Cosca were stocked in Melwood pond instead. Also, we completed a 2-night sample on Rocky Gorge earlier this week and found a nice population of largemouth bass and crappie (both white and black). We’re also happy with how the northern pike are doing in the lake. We’ve not stocked northern’s there for quite a while, but they are reproducing on their own and seem to be doing well. The reservoir is at full-pool this year which means that there’s more wood in the water. Many of the fish we caught were holding to this cover.

Eastern Region:

Water temperatures continue to fall and as we progress into November fishermen are definitely picking and choosing the days they go out fishing. Last Sunday was just such a day; after four days of rain and wind just about everyone was ready for a little sunshine and warmth. Largemouth bass are generally holding in deeper water now; often near deep sunken wood or along deep channel edges in the tidal rivers. Shallow grass beds are in decline and largemouth bass and baitfish are moving to deeper cover and more stable water temperatures. Slow rolled spinnerbaits and jerkbaits are good choices to imitate baitfish moving into these deeper edges. Crawfish are in the same situation and largemouth bass are on the prowl to catch them moving across open bottom. Soft craw jigs, deep diving crankbaits and grubs are good baits to use when fishing these deeper areas. Fishermen have been reporting that a falling tide often offers some of the best fishing opportunities for largemouth bass in the regions tidal rivers.

Cover in the form of grass and emergent weeds such as spatterdock are declining in the regions lakes and tidal rivers and many areas are now easier to fish for chain pickerel. Chain pickerel love colder water and become very active this time of the year and offer some fun fishing action.

Fishing for channel catfish remains good this week in most of the regions tidal rivers. Cut bait, nightcrawlers and chicken liver baits are good choices to use on a simple bottom rig. There are many places to fish from shore near the region’s tidal rivers and can offer some very relaxing fishing. Fishing from a small boat over channel areas or where creeks flow into the rivers are also excellent places to fish.

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