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To post a report please email your name, hometown, photos, location information, and the content for your report to All information is optional, but encouraged.

Important Note: If anyone in your picture is under 18 years of age, we must have a photo release signed by a parent/guardian before we can post your picture. By sending any photos or art to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources you are giving DNR permission to use the image(s) online and in print. You are also giving DNR permission to distribute the photo for non-commercial purposes to other media, print, digital and television for their use. You are not giving up your copyright, but are allowing the photo(s) to be used for educational and news purposes. All Photos will be made available on Fisheries Service Flickr Page.

There will be a 2014 end-of-year random drawing from angler's participating in any of the Volunteer Angler Surveys. We encourage anglers to continue to report snakehead catches through the Inland Freshwater survey in addition to their Angler's Log submission. The information helps our biologists better understand the various species and water systems they utilize.

Maryland Fishing Challenge Logo showing striped bassA new component of the Maryland Fishing Challenge includes invasive species reports submitted to the Angler's Log. Beginning during the 2013/2014 tournament, Angler's Log entries which include Blue Catfish, Northern Snakehead or Flathead Catfish, at any length in size, will be eligible for up to two prizes via a random drawing at the annual Maryland Fishing Challenge Finale. Fish must be kept and a photo showing the kept fish is mandatory. Multiple entries are allowed, but each fish can only be entered once. Remember, all invasive species must be dead to be entered and there is no catch and release category. Visit the Maryland fishing Challenge web site to read the complete set of rules.

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  1. Eric Connolly, Youth Angler
  2. New Market, MD
  3. Total Reports: 2
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Posted on October 23, 2014 | Permalink

Successful Day at Adamstown

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Adamstown, MD Pond

Eric, Age 11 caught about 15 largemouth bass and 1 bluegill. Most of which were about 15-18 inches. It was a beautiful day to fish. (Oct. 5, 2014)

Tags: largmeouth bass, bluegill

  1. Michael Majcher, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on October 23, 2014 | Permalink

Award Size Flounder

Type: Ocean
Region: Eastern
Location: Ocean City

Michael caught this 25" flounder weighing 6lbs 3ozs in Ocean City, MD on 10/1/2014.

Tags: Summer Flounder

  1. Keith Craig, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 7
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Posted on October 21, 2014 | Permalink

Big Beaver Creek Rainbow

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Beaver Creek

Keith caught this beautiful 6.7 lb rainbow in Beaver Creek on 10-16-14. The fish managed to not be caught since the spring stocking of 2014.

Tags: Rainbow Trout

  1. Capt David Street, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 12
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Posted on October 21, 2014 | Permalink

Few Fish Before the Wind Took Over

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: South River

We got a late start Saturday. The NW wind was already strong but forecasted to get worse. So for two hours we tried the South River. Despite the strong winds we found a few small rock and blues until after noon it just got too windy. We trolled small Bucktails and spoons. The picture is Steve with a 20 inch rockfish.

Tags: striped bass, bluefish

  1. Tylor Kirklin, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 23
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Posted on October 21, 2014 | Permalink

Susquehanna Mix

Type: Tidal
Region: North Eastern
Location: Susquehanna Flats

Went out a few times this week in a couple different locations all on the flats. In Havre de Grace the yellow perch were hitting hard on live minnows. Then I caught a small carp in the shallows. A couple days later I managed to catch a nice sized largemouth along with a smaller channel cat, both were released. Today I went back and caught a smaller flathead catfish that wasn't released. I moved further up river to catch a nice size channel cat. It was a pretty good week of fishing on the lower Susqehanna.

Tags: yellow perch, carp, largemouth bass, channel catfish. flathead catfish, invasive

  1. Jim Gronaw, Recreational Angler
  2. NA
  3. Total Reports: 40
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Posted on October 17, 2014 | Permalink

Best Time to Harvest Some Panfish

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Local Ponds

Just want to remind everyone that now is one of the best times to harvest and eat a few panfish fillets. Bluegills, crappies, white and yellow perch, along with a host of hybrid sunfish species are chowing down in the fall. We recently enjoyed catches of 75, 31, 70 and 62 panfish, mostly bluegills, on our last four trips respectively from small public waters. Of those totals we kept 30 for the pan, releasing the rest.

Small 1/64th or 1/80th ounce shad darts or hair jigs tipped with worms or mealworms are our top producers. Fish them 3 to 5 feet below a sensitive bobber and allow the wind to drift them along weed edges, creek channels or around sunken brush or wood. Good luck and harvest only what you can eat for a few meals and release the rest, especially the larger specimens.

Photo shows Matt Gronaw with a pair of great fall bluegills from one of our recent trips.

Tags: Panfish, Bluegills, Sunfish, Crappie, White Perch, Yellow Perch

  1. Paul Major, Recreational Angler
  2. NA
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on October 16, 2014 | Permalink

Garrett County Style Largemouth

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Garrett County

Recently caught and released on a rainy day somewhere in Garrett county, MD. Used an artificial frog. Photo by my son, Sean Major.

Tags: Largemouth Bass

  1. Alan Klotz, Fisheries Biologist
  2. NA
  3. Total Reports: 67
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Posted on October 16, 2014 | Permalink

Fisheries Management Class Helps with Surveys

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: North Branch Potomac River

The Garrett College Fisheries Management Class has been busy assisting the Western Region DNR staff with trout population surveys this month. We surveyed the upper Catch and Return Trout Fishing Area downstream of Jennings Randolph Lake recently and found a trout population density of more than 500 trout per mile. This is one of the highest trout densities in recent years. We collected rainbow trout measuring up to 20 inches, brown trout up to 15 inches, and even a couple of beautiful brook trout. After the survey was completed, about 500 adult rainbow trout were stocked in the river to make the fishing even better.

Pictured are 1) brook trout 2) trophy rainbow trout 3) Garrett College students with trophy rainbow and golden trout 4) Garrett College students stocking the North Branch Potomac River.

Tags: Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Golden Trout

  1. Gary Savage, Recreational Angler
  2. Berlin
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on October 16, 2014 | Permalink

Catch & Release Award Winner

Type: Coast
Region: Ocean Shore
Location: Assateague Island

Congratulations Gary on the fine red drum catch and release. A whopper at 49 inches caught on Oct 10!

Tags: Red Drum

  1. Kirk Hadsell, Recreational Angler
  2. NO
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on October 16, 2014 | Permalink

Cambridge Perch Report

Type: Tidal
Region: Eastern Shore
Location: Choptank River

White perch caught noon 10/13/14 at Bill Burton Fishing Pier, Cambridge, MD a cloudy and rainy day. Used blood worms with a small #4 hook and bottom rig. It had been a very slow day and was picking my gear to leave when I hooked a chubby one, lucky me!

Tags: White Perch

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