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Posted on June 14, 2013 | Permalink

Savage River Reservoir Sampling

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Savage River

The Western Region Fisheries staff have been very busy sampling lakes and rivers in Western Maryland - so we would like to share some updates on the fish populations on those areas. The Savage River Reservoir was completely drained in 2009 and re-filled by March 2010 to make necessary gate repairs within the dam, and since that time MD DNR has completed an aggressive re-stocking initiative. Our recent survey shows that the fish species community is now very similar to what it was prior to the reservoir draining. While we didn't "crunch the numbers" yet - it looks like the fishery is well on its way to full recovery. Yellow Perch are very abundant, with a lot of fish in the 7 to 10 inch range, plenty of Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds, and a surprising number of quality sized Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. Rainbow Trout from put and take adult stockings are doing very well, as we observed many trout surfacing to eat insects during our survey.

Pictured is Fisheries Technician Marcus Wilson with 1) Yellow Perch 2) Black Crappie 3) Largemouth Bass 4) Bluegill 5) Rock Bass

Tags: Yellow Perch, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Rock Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout

Posted on April 19, 2013 | Permalink

Deep Creek Lake Walleye and Yellow Perch

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Deep Creek Lake

The Annual Deep Creek Lake Walleye Survey was recently conducted by the Western Region Fisheries staff, and the lake continues to support a very abundant Walleye population. We obtained a catch per unit effort (or number of Walleye per hour of electrofishing) of 185 Walleye per hour. Most of the Walleye were males in the 16 to 18 inch size class. The Walleye season opened on April 16th, with a 15 inch minimum size, and a 5-fish daily creel limit. Anglers should target shallow rocky areas after dark using Rapalas or live minnows for best results. We also collected a lot of jumbo perch in the shallow shoreline areas, and using worms fished under a slip-bobber should work well. Yellow Perch regulations in Deep Creek Lake include a 10-fish daily creel limit, no size restriction, and a year-round open season.

Pictures include my daughter Jessica with a jumbo Yellow perch, my son Kyle with a nice Walleye, and the electrofishing boat live-well full of temporarily stunned fish ready for weighing and measuring before being released back into the lake.

Tags: Walleye, Yellow Perch

Posted on March 28, 2013 | Permalink

Winter Trout Stocking

Type: Freshwater
Location: Garrett County

Despite the prolonged winter conditions in Garrett County, Fisheries staff members are still out there getting the streams stocked for the March 30 opener. However, some of the more remote stocking locations are not accessible, so stocking will be postponed until conditions improve. Ryan Cooper, a student volunteer from Garrett College, assisted us today with stocking a Garrett County stream – and he is showing a couple of the big lunker trout produced at the Bear Creek Trout Rearing Station. These fish will provide some lucky anglers a fish of a lifetime!

Tags: Trout Stocking

Posted on February 26, 2013 | Permalink

Dry Fly Fishing Opportunities

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Youghiogheny River

While we are still in the midst of a cold winter in Garrett County, there are still some dry fly fishing opportunities for anglers willing to face the elements. There has been an awesome winter stonefly hatch on the Youghiogheny River for the last week. Even though temperatures were in the '20s and the snow was flying sideways, these insects were hatching off in good numbers, and a few trout keyed into them. Last weekend, I fished the hatch near the Hoyes area and hooked a nice rainbow that got off, then proceeded to try to set the hook way too early on even a bigger brown trout. I returned to the Sang Run area on Saturday and landed the nice brown trout in the pictures. The pictures also show the newly emerged stoneflies as well as a lot of case-building caddisflies along the river's edge.

Tags: rainbow trout, brown trout,

Posted on November 28, 2012 | Permalink

Trout Fishing in the North Branch Potomac River

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: North Branch Potomac River

Danny Teets of Sang Run Outfitters Fishing Guide Service sent me a couple of pictures and story from a recent float fishing trip with his wife Ellen on the North Branch Potomac River. Ellen caught and released an amazing rainbow trout using a stonefly pattern, while Danny landed a colorful cutthroat trout that was stocked in the river as a fingerling. This cutthroat plus another one that measured in at 10 inches were rising to midges on what looked like a very chilly day. Ellen pointed out that her trout was much larger than her husband's trout.

Tags: rainbow trout, cutthroat trout

Posted on November 26, 2012 | Permalink

Colorful Brook Trout

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Savage River

Drew Miller sent me some pictures of some awesome brook trout in full spawning colors he caught within the Savage River Watershed Zero Creel Limit for Brook Trout Fishing Area in late October. He was using elk-hair caddis in a Savage River tributary stream, and he reported catching many quality-sized trout - and he has the pictures to back up his fishing tale!

Tags: brook trout

Posted on October 26, 2012 | Permalink

Spawning Brook Trout

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Savage River Watershed

Mr. Sull McCartney of the Youghiogheny Chapter of Trout Unlimited sent me a few remarkable photos of spawning brook trout. October is the month when the native brook trout seeks out the cold clear water with sediment-free gravel where the female builds a nest (called a redd). The male brook trout is at his finest coloration during the spawn – bright orange sides and fins highlighted by black and white margins. During the spawning process, the female brook trout brushes the eggs into the spaces between the gravel with her fins. The eggs incubate and hatch within this clean gravel substrate, and the fry will emerge from the gravel in early spring after they absorb their yolk sack. Sull took these photos in the Savage River Watershed, and we can see how clean the water and substrate are in this small stream – the conditions needed for brook trout to thrive.

Tags: brook trout

Posted on September 13, 2012 | Permalink

Yough River Trout and Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Yough River C&R Trout Fishing Area

Last Sunday I fished the Yough River C&R Trout Fishing Area to try out some terrestrial cricket patterns. The river was quite low, but the first deeper pool I fished brought a nice rainbow to the surface for an explosive hit on the cricket (Picture 1). Recently I fished the river with Inland Fisheries Director Don Cosden and his wife Susie, and we had a great day. We caught about a dozen trout between us, Don landed a gorgeous 17 inch rainbow (Pictures 2 and 3) while Susie caught a nice 14 inch brown trout plus a lot of smallmouth bass (Picture 4). A great brown trout was also recently caught by Sang Run Outfitters fishing guide Larry Teets in the Yough C&R Area, this big brown measured in at 26 inches, and was Larry’s personal best on the Yough (Picture 5).

Tags: rainbow trout, brown trout, smallmouth bass

Posted on August 28, 2012 | Permalink

Jennings Randolf Lake Water Quality Release

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Jennings Randolph Lake

Message from the US Army Corps of Engineers:

There is a water quality release planned from Jennings Randolph Lake beginning on Sunday September 2 and ending on Monday September 3. The outflow will begin increasing at 6 AM on Sunday and reach about 1000 cfs by 10 AM. That flow will be maintained until Monday at 3 PM when flows will be stepped back to about 150 cfs by 5 PM.

This release could be modified or cancelled if hydrologic conditions change significantly.

The 2012 release schedule for the North Branch Potomac has been posted on the public website:


Posted on August 27, 2012 | Permalink

Night Fishing at the Youghiogheny Reservoir

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Youghiogheny Reservoir

My son Kyle’s summer vacation was coming to an end – and one thing he wanted to do was to catch a channel catfish before heading back to school. We night-fished the Youghiogheny Reservoir near Mill Run and had an awesome night. Kyle landed his first channel catfish ever – and a respectable one indeed. He ended up catching three large channel cats (24 – 28 inches), and it was a blast watching him fight these fish on light tackle! He also caught his first yellow bullhead – a nice 13 inch specimen!

Tags: channel cat, yellow bullhead

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