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Posted on March 5, 2012 | Permalink

A Stream with Holdovers

Region: Central
Location: Frederick County Trout Stream

I have hit quite a few streams the last week that still have a couple fish leftover from the Fall Stocking in September or October, these two streams have not been stocked this Spring yet. Out of the two streams, I have caught 12 Rainbows, 1 Redear Sunfish, 1 Bluegill, and 2 L.M. Bass (where'd they come from?). All fish were released to bring a smile to another person's face. They were all mostly fat and a couple were just long. They were caught in the back of deep pools, they were not wasting much energy at all just sitting on the stream bed waiting for something to fall prey to it. Most fish were caught on Trout Magnet's 1/64 oz. Shad Dart jig head, the color that caught most was Mealworm and as you can tell by the picture, Chartreuse worked great too. The other fish were caught on homemade spinners, I have been wanting to try this for a while ever since I heard of Frank Nale who just caught his 200000th Trout on homemade spinners and just reached his 1000th day of catching more than 100 Trout in one day. He does his annual Trout Fishing Summary every year on Anyway after watching lots and lots of videos on Youtube and other media sources, I gathered up a material list. The list went on and on, a quick stop at Lowe's and then asked a friend to pick up a couple things at Bass Pro while he was in Baltimore and then I had all the supplies. I made about 5 before I made a "decent" one, tried it out at this stream after I caught a couple on Trout Magnet and boom! First fish landed on a homemade lure. Once I get the hang of it a little more, I will post a report on it on my blog, ( Fluorocarbon is a must this time of year as this line lets light through unlike mono which lights reflect off of it. I just tie about 18" of 2lb fluoro above my lure/bait, it works good. All in all, it was a pretty good week of fishing, total fish count as of 3/4/2012: 61 Fish, mostly Trout.

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Posted on February 26, 2012 | Permalink

First Time on the Patapsco

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Patapsco River at Avalon Pond

The Patapsco River is a long 50 minute drive from where I live, so I have never fished it before. After a little research the night before, I decided to fish the upper section from about the end of River Road upriver to Bloedes Dam. It was not looking good the first 1/2 mile, but the first riffles/pockets we came up on, that is where I caught some fish. Since this river is like 30 feet across, you need a nine-foot Rod in order for the jig to drift "naturally, and without any disturbance on the water surface. This rod is really useful when you have a pocket on the other side of the current and you want it to stay there, you cannot do that with a shorter rod. I caught seven fallfish (Creek Chubs) from one big pocket that was around five feet deep. I was fishing my Trout Magnet jig about 4 feet under a strike indicator. Anything will work now really. One guy caught a lot of trout on a Bluefox Spinner in the pool above me. After fishing that pocket on the other side of the river and landing those seven Fallfish, I cast to the current and caught two rainbow trout in back-to-back casts. There were numerous other fisherman on the water that were fishing upriver of me all the way to the dam. The section next to River Road and where the road ended did not have any fish, not to mention any fish holding structure. I had to walk upriver to find fish. You will know good water when you see it. The picture is taken from the walk across the bridge looking upriver. As you can see, no "great water," but right around the corner is where I caught all of mine.

I talked to a worker there. He said that they only stocked from Bloedes Dam downstream to the walk across bridge, I guess they stock the other later, but on the website it didn't say.

I fished the Avalon Pond which is reserved for youth, seniors, and blind anglers for about 30 minutes before heading back home. I did not get any hits. The worker there also said that they stocked the River with 1000 Trout which would mean that there were no more fish to stock at Avalon Pond. Maybe that is why I didn't catch any.

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Posted on February 20, 2012 | Permalink

Early Season Trout

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Little Antietam Creek

First it was off to Little Antietam Creek. We parked at the Post Office and fished on the fieldy side of the creek. Not the side of the houses, but the other. I could only find two holes with fish still in them. One was right by the Post Office and the other was in the middle of the stocked section. They were really finicky. I ended up with 1 Rainbow Trout, 1 Creek Chub, 3 Bluegill, and 5 Redear Sunfish. Then it was off to Greenbrier Lake, to test out my new kayak. I loved it, although I did not catch any fish.

The photo is from Frank Bentz Memorial Lake. I think it (the orange color) is something like acid drainage, but I have no clue. Do you guys know what it is? It is from behind the dam near the road. I have also seen this before on Carroll Creek and multiple spots on the South Branch of the Patapsco.

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Frank Bentz is Looking Good

Region: Central
Location: Frank Bentz Pond

I hit Frank Bentz Memorial Lake on 2/10 (Friday) and 2/11 (Saturday). I caught 8 Rainbows both days and lost a lot. All were caught wading in the middle of the lake and casting towards the campgrounds. I started off throwing a 1/2 oz. Joe's Flies spinner with no hits. The Trout were rising to what looked like Mayflies on the surface. After "matching the hatch" with my Fly rod I still got no hits. The ticket to fish here was a Trout Magnet under a strike indicator. Light line and a fluorocarbon leader is necessary to catch fish a couple weeks after stocking, but not necessary now. All I did was leave it still in the water and every so often give it a little "plop" to attract the fish. The winning colors were white and chartreuse, and Purple Haze did well on the second day. In 10 minutes, it changed from the sun out to a blizzard, and it was really snowing along with a little sleet. It was pretty crowded but they were not catching but one or two fish. Although some fish will stick around a little longer, but for the best action you should go now.

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Posted on February 2, 2012 | Permalink

Owens Creek Smallie

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Owens Creek

The warm weather was like a miracle in the end January. Anyway, I knew the warm weather might get a few fishes' metabolism up and they might be a little less lethargic. After the 25 minute run up to Thurmont and then to Owens Creek from 550, I rigged up my rod. I forgot my 9' Trinity Rod from Trout Magnet so I had to fish about 7 feet of line in between my strike indicator and Jig on a 3 1/2 foot BPS UL Rod. At first I threw a Dropper Rig with the upper hook being a Trout Magnet of various colors. The lower hook was something called (I can't tell ya'), but if you are goin' to the Eastern Sportsman Show, Trout Magnet will have it for sale. It is brand new and not on their website. This is the first time they will have it for sale for the public. And I used about 4 feet of Fluoro because the pool was deep. You always want your strike indicator or bobber above the flouro and mono knot because then it won't slide on the line. Note: I don't like using fluoro main line because then the strike indicator will move when you cast it and split shots will move. I also used one size BB split shot. I used a split shot so that my Jig would get to where the fish are holding. I ended up with one Smallmouth Bass, who would have guessed. And this wasn't even at the Roddy Road Bridge Pool, because there are Smallies there, this was in the mid-section right at that deep pool. It is right above where they had that landslide and they have temp. stoplights there now. Once you see the pool, or one of the holdover fish that live in there, you will not forget about it. I saw quite a number of Trout, including a big Bow and a medium size Brown. I had one hit from a small Bow. I could have probably seen more, if I would have brought my Polarized Glasses, they really do help. The Smallie was caught twitching an Orange/Salmon color Trout Magnet, with a split shot 18 inches above the hook. The first rig I talked about did not work. But in the end, all that mattered was getting out and enjoying this 65 degree weather. That is it today, thanks for all of yall who have been following my blog.

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Posted on January 13, 2012 | Permalink

Carroll Creek

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Carroll Creek

This report is from 10 days ago, but I doubt the fishing has changed. Carroll Creek has remained my #1 place to catch numbers of fish for about 2 years now. It's species include Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Rainbow Trout, Redear Sunfish, and a couple Common Carp farther downstream. I only have about 2 years left to fish it, so I fish it as much as I can. The upper reaches, by Baughman's Lane down to Route 15, are only stocked during the Spring. This is also known as Waterford Park. There are a couple good holes up there, and they are not as pressured as where the creek flows through Baker Park. There is one particular hole that is great in the Spring, it is right below where Rock Creek flows in. I caught 5 Rainbows, in both the pressured spots and the less pressured spots in Baker Park. You can figure out which spots are better with simple logic. If it is hard to fish, or requires a little bushwhacking to get to, then it will hold more fish. This remains true in all streams. All fish were caught twitching a White Trout Magnet. Although when I started to fish the more pressured spots...White did nothing. I tried Chartreuse, then Salmon, then an Orange/Yellow, but finally Purple Redemption turned them on. Twitching is a different method of working Trout Magnet without the float. I like to use it when the stream is a little more pressured, or if the fish are hungrier. Another method some of the fish were caught on was a method that I have invented. I call it Bottom Bouncing. I like to throw it as far upstream as possible. Usually in a riffle that leads into a deep pool. Just throw it upstream and reel in keeping the line tight but not controlling the jig. Let it drift downstream, if it gets snagged, then open your bail and let the lure free. If that doesn't work, you can try to move to a different angle to try and pull it free. And finally if that doesn't work, you can attach a bobber (or strike indicator, as Trout Magnet calls it) to your line and throw it in the current and open your bail. This will create downstream friction causing more resistance on your lure/bait, and hopefully pulling your lure free. Those were fish #880 -- #885 of the year. The blog is updated weekly, check out the Events page for local fishing events. Happy Fishing!

Tags: Rainbow Trout, Carp, Sunfish, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass

Posted on January 3, 2012 | Permalink

Frank Bentz Memorial Lake and Other Catoctin Mt. Stream

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Frank Bentz Pond

After a four hour Volunteering job in Catoctin National Park (we cleared Spicebush Nature Trail), I took a quick stop at Frank Bentz Lake for about 15 minutes of fishing. I did not catch anything except a few sticks. Three lost Trout Magnet Jigs later, it was time to go. On the contrary, a couple days ago I headed to one of my favorite Wild Trout streams. And no, it doesn't have Native Brookies, so I did not disturb any Redds. I caught 3 Wild Browns with the biggest at 12 inches along with a small Rainbow Trout. I was using Trout Magnet, and yes it sounds like Big Hunting, but it's not., and the website is coming.

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Posted on December 6, 2011 | Permalink

Yes - You Can Catch Fish Downtown

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Carroll Creek

The Greene Turtle, Five Guys, and a Wine Tasting restaurant are all within 500 feet of this location. Downtown Carroll Creek is the spot. While being 16 & Under in Baker Park, this location is open to anybody. I have never seen another person fish here. Some awkward comments I've received have been..."Are there really fish in here?" and "What are you doing?" But the funniest comment has to be when a Mother told her kid..."He's just practicing his cast." In Summer, it is great sight fishing. Usually you can't sight fish Bass without a boat. Well, unless it's spawning time in Spring. It is all weeds in the Spring and Summer. But in Fall and Winter the weed and the fish become even more scarce. I have not been able to catch as many fish as I would in Spring or Summer. They have not revealed their hiding spot to me (yet). The fishery is very sensitive based on the number of fish there are. The fish that I have caught here are Largemouths, Redears, Green Sunfish, and a couple 'Gills. There are not many fish here. The best fishing is right below Baker Park to Market Street. I did catch 2 Largemouths of small proportions on a Trout Magnet.

The past couple days, if you haven't noticed, Carroll Creek has been dry. I think the City has been draining it. This is only the very last section, from E Patrick Street downstream to Highland Street. I went there on Friday, December 2 and there was a little trickle of water. There were two deep holes, by deep I mean about 2 1/2 feet. Seven huge Goldfish were in one and the other had some Carp in it. I talked to one of the workers there on the 5th, and they said that they had moved all the fish in buckets across Highland Road. The fish will probably go into the Monocacy since it is only right downstream. I think the City is restoring the Creek, and cleaning it out. I could not find any info. on the internet about it. Do you (DNR) have any info. on it? And a quick note, I'd like to thank everybody for visiting my blog, it now has over 550 views. With Winter approaching, I will not do as much fishing. But when Spring Trout Stocking and Bass Spawning time rolls around the blog will be full of valuable info. to bring more fish to your net.

DNR's Reply:
MDE, who is responsible for the overall integrity of this project, reported this portion of Carroll Creek has a storm culvert which runs under ground below this section of stream and is part of the Carroll Creek Flood Control Project. A large amount of sediment has accumulated and the city has been tasked with removing it. The water was diverted through the culvert and all fish were relocated to the Monocacy River. Once dewatered, the sediment was removed and transported to an appropriate site. The project is near completion. Once completed, this section will provide better habitat and water quality for fish. MDE has been pleased with the planning and swiftness that this project was conducted.

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Posted on November 28, 2011 | Permalink

Lethargic Carp in the C & O Canal

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: C & O Canal

Please visit my new fishing blog... It was 8 am, and I was rigging up my hair rigs with homemade doughballs. I use cornmeal and add a little vanilla extract for added scent. I cast out my three rods. Pretty soon it was 9, then 10, then 11, then 12, then 1. The time went by slowly, not even a single hit. I would recast my lines every 30-50 minutes to make sure my bait was still on. All I could do was wait. Then it was 2, then 3, then 4. I called it a day, I packed my gear in the car except my rods. I always leave my rods out until I'm really ready to go in case of that last minute bite. As I was thinking to myself... Zzzzzzzzmmmmmmmm! There goes my line, taking out almost 40 feet before I could even adjust the drag. Note: Always leave your drag loose so that the Carp won't drag your rod into the water. After a 5 minute fight...he was netted. After a quick weigh and length measurement he was released. This Carp had no other markings on his mouth which signals that he hadn't been caught recently. I was fishing homemade doughballs on the hair rig, I fished with three rods. My rods had 10, 12, and 14lb test on. Bait an area up good to attract the Carp. I urge those who catch a giant Carp in the Canal to release it. It will bring joy to many other anglers and give them the chance to "wrestle" with a sportfish much bigger than a Bass. Some great places to fish the Canal are in Dickerson, Cumberland, or Williamsport.

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Posted on November 14, 2011 | Permalink

Devil's Backbone Park

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Antietem

I headed out to Devil's Backbone Park specificially to fish the lower deep pool in the park. You cannot fish above the foot bridge because of the dam rehabilitation. The approximate opening date is November 27. I caught 4 Redear Sunfish, 1 Rainbow Trout, and 3 Smallmouth Bass. All on tubes and spinners. I wouldn't think a trout would still be there this long after the Fall stocking. Of course, he could not be from the stocking. The smallies were all in between 7 and 13 inches. The rainbow was around 12 inches. It was a great couple hours fishing, although it was fishing in limited space.

Tags: Rainbow Trout, Redear Sunfish, Smallmouth Bass

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