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Posted on December 6, 2011 | Permalink

Yes - You Can Catch Fish Downtown

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Carroll Creek

The Greene Turtle, Five Guys, and a Wine Tasting restaurant are all within 500 feet of this location. Downtown Carroll Creek is the spot. While being 16 & Under in Baker Park, this location is open to anybody. I have never seen another person fish here. Some awkward comments I've received have been..."Are there really fish in here?" and "What are you doing?" But the funniest comment has to be when a Mother told her kid..."He's just practicing his cast." In Summer, it is great sight fishing. Usually you can't sight fish Bass without a boat. Well, unless it's spawning time in Spring. It is all weeds in the Spring and Summer. But in Fall and Winter the weed and the fish become even more scarce. I have not been able to catch as many fish as I would in Spring or Summer. They have not revealed their hiding spot to me (yet). The fishery is very sensitive based on the number of fish there are. The fish that I have caught here are Largemouths, Redears, Green Sunfish, and a couple 'Gills. There are not many fish here. The best fishing is right below Baker Park to Market Street. I did catch 2 Largemouths of small proportions on a Trout Magnet.

The past couple days, if you haven't noticed, Carroll Creek has been dry. I think the City has been draining it. This is only the very last section, from E Patrick Street downstream to Highland Street. I went there on Friday, December 2 and there was a little trickle of water. There were two deep holes, by deep I mean about 2 1/2 feet. Seven huge Goldfish were in one and the other had some Carp in it. I talked to one of the workers there on the 5th, and they said that they had moved all the fish in buckets across Highland Road. The fish will probably go into the Monocacy since it is only right downstream. I think the City is restoring the Creek, and cleaning it out. I could not find any info. on the internet about it. Do you (DNR) have any info. on it? And a quick note, I'd like to thank everybody for visiting my blog, it now has over 550 views. With Winter approaching, I will not do as much fishing. But when Spring Trout Stocking and Bass Spawning time rolls around the blog will be full of valuable info. to bring more fish to your net.

DNR's Reply:
MDE, who is responsible for the overall integrity of this project, reported this portion of Carroll Creek has a storm culvert which runs under ground below this section of stream and is part of the Carroll Creek Flood Control Project. A large amount of sediment has accumulated and the city has been tasked with removing it. The water was diverted through the culvert and all fish were relocated to the Monocacy River. Once dewatered, the sediment was removed and transported to an appropriate site. The project is near completion. Once completed, this section will provide better habitat and water quality for fish. MDE has been pleased with the planning and swiftness that this project was conducted.

Tags: Largemouth Bass