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Posted on February 2, 2012 | Permalink

Owens Creek Smallie

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Owens Creek

The warm weather was like a miracle in the end January. Anyway, I knew the warm weather might get a few fishes' metabolism up and they might be a little less lethargic. After the 25 minute run up to Thurmont and then to Owens Creek from 550, I rigged up my rod. I forgot my 9' Trinity Rod from Trout Magnet so I had to fish about 7 feet of line in between my strike indicator and Jig on a 3 1/2 foot BPS UL Rod. At first I threw a Dropper Rig with the upper hook being a Trout Magnet of various colors. The lower hook was something called (I can't tell ya'), but if you are goin' to the Eastern Sportsman Show, Trout Magnet will have it for sale. It is brand new and not on their website. This is the first time they will have it for sale for the public. And I used about 4 feet of Fluoro because the pool was deep. You always want your strike indicator or bobber above the flouro and mono knot because then it won't slide on the line. Note: I don't like using fluoro main line because then the strike indicator will move when you cast it and split shots will move. I also used one size BB split shot. I used a split shot so that my Jig would get to where the fish are holding. I ended up with one Smallmouth Bass, who would have guessed. And this wasn't even at the Roddy Road Bridge Pool, because there are Smallies there, this was in the mid-section right at that deep pool. It is right above where they had that landslide and they have temp. stoplights there now. Once you see the pool, or one of the holdover fish that live in there, you will not forget about it. I saw quite a number of Trout, including a big Bow and a medium size Brown. I had one hit from a small Bow. I could have probably seen more, if I would have brought my Polarized Glasses, they really do help. The Smallie was caught twitching an Orange/Salmon color Trout Magnet, with a split shot 18 inches above the hook. The first rig I talked about did not work. But in the end, all that mattered was getting out and enjoying this 65 degree weather. That is it today, thanks for all of yall who have been following my blog.

Tags: Smallmouth Bass