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  1. Devin Angleberger, Youth Angler
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Posted on  , 2012 | Permalink


Frank Bentz is Looking Good

Region: Central
Location: Frank Bentz Pond

I hit Frank Bentz Memorial Lake on 2/10 (Friday) and 2/11 (Saturday). I caught 8 Rainbows both days and lost a lot. All were caught wading in the middle of the lake and casting towards the campgrounds. I started off throwing a 1/2 oz. Joe's Flies spinner with no hits. The Trout were rising to what looked like Mayflies on the surface. After "matching the hatch" with my Fly rod I still got no hits. The ticket to fish here was a Trout Magnet under a strike indicator. Light line and a fluorocarbon leader is necessary to catch fish a couple weeks after stocking, but not necessary now. All I did was leave it still in the water and every so often give it a little "plop" to attract the fish. The winning colors were white and chartreuse, and Purple Haze did well on the second day. In 10 minutes, it changed from the sun out to a blizzard, and it was really snowing along with a little sleet. It was pretty crowded but they were not catching but one or two fish. Although some fish will stick around a little longer, but for the best action you should go now.

Tags: Trout