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  1. Devin Angleberger, Youth Angler
  2. Frederick, MD
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Posted on February 26, 2012 | Permalink

First Time on the Patapsco

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Patapsco River at Avalon Pond

The Patapsco River is a long 50 minute drive from where I live, so I have never fished it before. After a little research the night before, I decided to fish the upper section from about the end of River Road upriver to Bloedes Dam. It was not looking good the first 1/2 mile, but the first riffles/pockets we came up on, that is where I caught some fish. Since this river is like 30 feet across, you need a nine-foot Rod in order for the jig to drift "naturally, and without any disturbance on the water surface. This rod is really useful when you have a pocket on the other side of the current and you want it to stay there, you cannot do that with a shorter rod. I caught seven fallfish (Creek Chubs) from one big pocket that was around five feet deep. I was fishing my Trout Magnet jig about 4 feet under a strike indicator. Anything will work now really. One guy caught a lot of trout on a Bluefox Spinner in the pool above me. After fishing that pocket on the other side of the river and landing those seven Fallfish, I cast to the current and caught two rainbow trout in back-to-back casts. There were numerous other fisherman on the water that were fishing upriver of me all the way to the dam. The section next to River Road and where the road ended did not have any fish, not to mention any fish holding structure. I had to walk upriver to find fish. You will know good water when you see it. The picture is taken from the walk across the bridge looking upriver. As you can see, no "great water," but right around the corner is where I caught all of mine.

I talked to a worker there. He said that they only stocked from Bloedes Dam downstream to the walk across bridge, I guess they stock the other later, but on the website it didn't say.

I fished the Avalon Pond which is reserved for youth, seniors, and blind anglers for about 30 minutes before heading back home. I did not get any hits. The worker there also said that they stocked the River with 1000 Trout which would mean that there were no more fish to stock at Avalon Pond. Maybe that is why I didn't catch any.

Tags: Trout, fallfish, Patapsco River, Avalon Pond, trout magnet