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  1. Devin Angleberger, Youth Angler
  2. Frederick
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Posted on March 5, 2012 | Permalink

A Stream with Holdovers

Region: Central
Location: Frederick County Trout Stream

I have hit quite a few streams the last week that still have a couple fish leftover from the Fall Stocking in September or October, these two streams have not been stocked this Spring yet. Out of the two streams, I have caught 12 Rainbows, 1 Redear Sunfish, 1 Bluegill, and 2 L.M. Bass (where'd they come from?). All fish were released to bring a smile to another person's face. They were all mostly fat and a couple were just long. They were caught in the back of deep pools, they were not wasting much energy at all just sitting on the stream bed waiting for something to fall prey to it. Most fish were caught on Trout Magnet's 1/64 oz. Shad Dart jig head, the color that caught most was Mealworm and as you can tell by the picture, Chartreuse worked great too. The other fish were caught on homemade spinners, I have been wanting to try this for a while ever since I heard of Frank Nale who just caught his 200000th Trout on homemade spinners and just reached his 1000th day of catching more than 100 Trout in one day. He does his annual Trout Fishing Summary every year on Anyway after watching lots and lots of videos on Youtube and other media sources, I gathered up a material list. The list went on and on, a quick stop at Lowe's and then asked a friend to pick up a couple things at Bass Pro while he was in Baltimore and then I had all the supplies. I made about 5 before I made a "decent" one, tried it out at this stream after I caught a couple on Trout Magnet and boom! First fish landed on a homemade lure. Once I get the hang of it a little more, I will post a report on it on my blog, ( Fluorocarbon is a must this time of year as this line lets light through unlike mono which lights reflect off of it. I just tie about 18" of 2lb fluoro above my lure/bait, it works good. All in all, it was a pretty good week of fishing, total fish count as of 3/4/2012: 61 Fish, mostly Trout.

Tags: Rainbow Trout