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Posted on June 7, 2012 | Permalink

The Brotherhood of the Junglecock WeekenFly Fishing Camp

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Camp Airy Ponds and Owens Creek

Friday, May 18th - The alarm went off and after 20 minutes, we were on the road headed up for Camp Airy to help with the fish stocking. I met my sponsor and we drove to a private section of Owens Creek to stock the trout, all 500. We stocked two places, one section for the third and fourth year boys, and one for the fifth year boys. I was put in the fourth year boys although it was my first time. We waded down the creek carrying a "box of Trout," releasing a couple every 10 feet. After stocking, we went back to camp, checked in and went to our cabins. After that, we were off to the ponds to fish for the Trout stocked a couple days ago, they opened up at one o'clock. 15 minutes of waiting later, I cast my line and I'm quickly rewarded with a decent 15" largemouth and a 1/4 oz. Joe's Flies. The next cast I would land a rainbow, and the next cast I would land another rainbow, then no trout the rest of the day. I then fished for sunnies and bass, and caught plenty of each on both fly and spin tackle.

When the bite slowed down, my sponsor and I headed to the freshly stocked Owens Creek, only managed one, saw plenty…

Saturday, May 20th - After getting some breakfast, I walked down to the ponds to see if I couldn't get something to hit on the woollybuggers that I just tied in the Frank Bentz Hall. Well, I got nothing, so it was time for lunch. After lunch, fourth year students got on the bus and headed to a private section of Owens. First it was fishing time, I landed some chubs and redear sunfish, and a new species, the….hornyhead chub. The horn blew, and a group went to entomology. After that, we headed back down to the stream for some casting practice, and that's where I caught some trout that we stocked the previous day. They were rising to what looked like a small mayfly hatch. But me and a friend landed something, or had something hit every good cast under an overhanging tree with just a small princehead nymph under a lightning strike indicator.

We got back on the bus, and on the way back dropped whoever wanted to participate in the casting contest off at the ponds. The targets were three hula hoops positioned with a weight at different distances. I think I did pretty well, I received third at dinner that night, and I picked out a 8'6" 7wt HT combo with Cortland First Cast WF7F line.

That night was the special program and campfire in which I got initiated into The Brotherhood. The day was great.

Sunday, May 21st - The last day was sort of a wrap up of everything that happened on Saturday and Sunday. There were no classes, and we mostly fished the whole day along with a little breakfast and lunch when my family swung by. The morning arose early, and I packed up my belongings, and my next goal was to get a little food in my tummy. After eating, I headed down to the pond. Tons of people were there enjoying the last day of fishing, I did catch a few sunfish (bluegill + redear sunfish) and bass, and even a couple trout on nymphs. The trout were relating to shade and sometimes they were also rising to maybe damselfly hatches. I caught a great 17.5 inch rainbow, which was the biggest fish of mine during the weekend. The whole week was great, and in case you did not see the May 27th Frederick News Post Outdoor section, Dan Neuland (fellow member of PVFF, and will be the featured guest speaker at June's meeting) did a great write up about the whole weekend, and you can view the article on the Frederick News Post website.

Tags: largemouth bass, rainbow trout, sunfish, chubs, redear sunfish, hornyhead chub, bluegill