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Posted on June 20, 2012 | Permalink

Project Healing Waters Event on Beaver Creek

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Private Section of Beaver Creek

To start off, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a great organization which helps veterans and active wounded warriors. PHWFF sets up plenty of events on special waters and the warriors that show up are usually met by a local who guides them on the water. These events are everywhere, from Belize to Alaska to our local Beaver Creek in Washington County. On this date we fished a private section of water which is very well maintained and has an excellent stocked rainbow and wild brown trout fishery. Wild brown trout occur throughout Beaver Creek and can exceed great size in this small water as the DNR did several electrofishing outings which yielded browns over 20 inches and one over 24 inches. The rainbow trout populations in both the private water and public sections achieve great size, with some being caught over 29 inches.

The day started with the guides meeting the warriors at the Beaver Creek Fly Shop. James Harris, owner of the fly shop, was grateful enough to give each warrior a container of flies, and later in the day ran back to the store to get a pair of forceps for a warrior who forgot his own. My warrior was SFC Walt Morse, who I guided a couple months back at the event on Little Owens Creek. I was surprised with the gift of a engraved custom fly box from Walt for helping out at previous events. The guides and warriors then left Beaver Creek Fly Shop and headed to the private water. Walt rigged up and we headed to the stream; in the upper reaches of the private section, the water is deep and is protected with plenty of shade, plus because it is a limestone stream, the temperature hovers around cool temperatures year round. A little bit downstream, the stream splits in two, and one side includes a huge waterfall which is a very good fishing spot. On the other side, the stream goes over a man made chute which creates a large pool and then reconnects with the other side before flowing off of the property. We rigged up with a mayfly pattern and green weenie as a dropper, as we saw plenty of risers. After a half hour of no action, we worked our way downstream and changed to a size 4 kreelex fly tied in an orange/gold pattern. He begun swinging the streamer in the deep pools, after about 10 minutes, he left to take some photographs of fellow warriors fishing. He gave the rod to me, and before you know it, I was hooked up on the second cast. Just a small rainbow that gave a hard fight. Two casts later, a little bigger fish, and I was landing him the same time in which Walt was returning, he was disgusted ;). "I leave you alone for five minutes and this...!" I land the fish and we measure it, 17 inches, not too bad, we then release back to it's home. I then give the rod to him and he lands a rainbow about 19 inches two casts later. We snapped a photograph, and back he goes. We fish until lunch with him landing (I think) two more small ones. Lunch was hotdogs and hamburgers, I wasn't hungry, all I could think about was hooking my warrior into one of those 30 inch beasts that live here. Well, no 30 inchers landed today, and after lunch, a few more casts then back to the vehicles to head home. All in all, it was a very successful day and some nice fish landed. Other warriors landed a couple two, with one guy landing four (thanks to chumming...hmmmm....James...). I'm glad to help out any day especially to Project Healing Waters. Potomac Valley Fly Fishers has several outings with PHW this year, you can go to their website to see more. devinsfishingreports .com

Tackle: I wasn't fishing, but the fish were caught on streamers, mainly the kreelex. I recommend fishing a five weight no matter where you are in Beaver Creek, just in case if you hook up with a beast, you will be able to stop it from breaking you off.

Summary: Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a great organization, and I encourage you to help out in events like this one, it is really rewarding.

Tags: rainbow trout, brown trout, PHWFF