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Posted on June 22, 2012 | Permalink

First Carp on the Fly

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Secret Mudhole

Ever since I started fly fishing about a year ago, I have wanted to catch a carp on the fly. They are renowned for their long runs and stubborn-ness to take a fly just when you think everythings right, then they reject it. I have tried multiple times to attempt to catch my first carp on the fly and all were fails. But, that all changed when Matt (former owner of Beaver Creek Fly Shop) offered to take me to a backwater bog, called "the mudhole." And the name speaks for it all; mud knee deep, snappers as big as a four-year-old, and probably snake infested. But it has carp, and lots of them too.

We were out around 11 a.m. and the rain continued to pour, but maybe it was for the best. I rigged up my seven weight fly rod that I won from the casting contest from The Brotherhood of the Junglecock with about six feet of 8lb test leading to a crayfish pattern tied by Matt. We looked around a little and saw feeding carp and fresh mud although they were very hard to see with the rain. I started blind casting to some fresh mud while Matt inspects some other water. Three casts in, I'm hollering and yelling, and I have my first ever carp on the fly on the end of my line. After a couple minutes of fighting, Matt beached it and can't believe on the third cast I caught a fish. It was a solid carp that put up a great fight, not a mark on him. After a couple photographs, we release him back intothe water.

We set up on another spot and saw a fish feeding about five feet in front of us, he doesn't like it but there is another one mudding about 15 feet out. I make a roll cast about one foot in front of it and six inches to his left. I see him turn on it, my line tightens, and boom, my second carp on the fly. After plenty of running, we get him close in about six inches of water and he then splashes and the muddy boggy water goes directly into Matt's mouth. That repeats several more times, and finally he learns to keep his mouth closed when landing fish. We are still trying to find what diseases can occur because of this situation. It is another solid carp; and a great day so far and it is only 45 minutes into fishing.

We head to the last section of the backwater and see plenty of fish mudding. After about 20 casts, I finally find a fish that wants to eat a pink San Juan worm. He screams line off and all we could see were ripples going everywhere because all of the fish were retreating. After another fight, my third ever carp on the fly comes to hand. All in all, it was a very fantastic day, although it probably was a fluke because the carp just wanted to welcome me into the world of fly fishing for carp. So thank you carp, and thank you Matt for taking me to this special place to "play around" with some carp.

Tackle: Seven weight rods with crayfish patterns and a pink San Juan worm also did great.

Summary: Carp fishing is fantastic, nothing else like it.

Tags: carp