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  1. Karin Dodge, Fisheries Service
  2. Annapolis, MD
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Posted on October 10, 2012 | Permalink


Harbor Day in Ocean City

Type: Coast
Region: Eastern
Location: Ocean City

On Saturday, October 6th I had the opportunity to head down to Ocean City to be part of Harbor Day at the Docks. Ocean City hosts this festival each year at the commercial fishing harbor. The event focuses on maritime traditions such as: commercial and sport fishing, safety at sea, seafood cooking demos and much more. I helped to staff the DNRís Coastal Fisheries Program table. We had two touch tanks with fish from the coastal bays. Some of the fish we brought were: the oyster toadfish, black sea bass, feather blenny, starfish, horseshoe crab and two seahorses to name a few. Many people donít realize that seahorses can be found in the bay as well as starfish, shrimp and the colorful spotfin butterflyfish, which was also swimming in our tank. The event was packed full of people as could be expected from such a beautiful warm day. I look forward to attending again next year. What a great day to be at the Ocean.

Tags: Harbor Day at the Docks