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Posted on February 21, 2013 | Permalink

When's the Best Time to Shoreline Fish Walleye?

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: Potomac River

I was curious when is the best time to shoreline fish for walleyes in the Potomac River region? Also what type of lures could I use?

DNR Response: Walleye can be caught from the Potomac year-round, but the early spring offers shoreline fishermen some of the best opportunities. In their search for spawning habitat, walleye move about the river extensively during February and March and become concentrated below dams, major rapids, or significant ledges. In shallower areas I suggest shallow diving minnow crankbaits worked slowly; in deeper areas an 1/8 oz jig/grub worked slowly near the bottom will be best.

Tags: walleye