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Posted on July 13, 2010 | Permalink


Type: Freshwater
Region: Northern
Location: North East Town Park

The Northeast Kids Fishing Derby went well on Saturday, July 10th, despite the heavy downpours and some early lightning. The event was organized by Ken Simmers of the Northern Bay Chapter of MSSA, and it took place at North East Town Park. We actually had about 20 tough kids show up out of the original 35+ who signed up. The contest winner was Bradley McDowell, age 13. He caught the largest fish by length, and the heaviest combined catch with a 23 inch carp, 20 inch carp, and a 15 inch channel catfish (photos attached).

The species of fish caught during the contest included white perch, pumpkinseed sunfish, carp, bullheads, and channel catfish. Most kids were using worms, corn, minnows, or chicken liver for bait. Bradley’s winning carp took a corn bait, and his channel catfish was caught on a chicken liver.

I observed 3 or 4 bass boats working the shoreline and casting lures along the rip-rap around the Park, but I did not see them catch any bass. MSSA Club members and DNR biologists have informed me that this area gets a lot of boat traffic during the summer months (speed boats and bass boats). Apparently, a lot of these boats are run by PA residents.

There was some good discussion of Bay issues at the event with the MSSA members. I was asked about the northernmost (freshest) spot to potentially raise oysters and build oyster reefs in the Bay. According to a DNR shellfish biologist, you really need a salinity of about 5ppt, and historically, the northernmost large oyster Bar was around Poole’s Island. The salt wedge can move far up the Bay and bring marine fishes with it, but it would not be enough to maintain the proper salinity for oysters. One of the club members noted that he caught spot at NE Town Park during dry summers, and he also claimed that an 8 foot hammerhead shark was caught off Aberdeen, many years ago.

The top prize winners won fishing rods and reel combos from the MSSA-Northern Bay chapter. I raffled off 6 Diamond Jim Fishing Challenge t-shirts and I will raffle off 6 more shirts at the Down’s Park Fishing Derby on Saturday (7/17).

Tags: Junior Anglers, Diamond Jim, Maryland Fishing Challenge