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Posted on May 28, 2013 | Permalink

Great Day of Catch and Release Bass Fishing

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: Potomac River

My buddy and I spent the morning on the Potomac and fished the outgoing tide. We caught 37 Largemouth Bass and 2 Snakeheads in about a 5 hour period. In addition we lost or missed about 12-15 bass before they got to the boat from them either throwing the hook or missed hook sets on solid hits. We had one bass that was about 8 inches, about 2-3 that were in the 12 inch range and the rest were in the 14-17 inch range with good weight to them. Only one bass with a bloody spawning tail. Bass were pretty aggressive taking a large white spinner bait with a 5 inch soft plastic trailer as well as crank baits. At low tide we had success with rubber worms fished on the channel edges. Great day of catch and release bass fishing with some bonus Snakeheads for the table. I opted to take the photos of the Snakeheads at home because they are so crazy strong and slimy that I was afraid they'd get back into the water while trying to handle them for a photo on the boat.

Tags: Largemouth Bass, Northern Snakehead