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Posted on June 7, 2013 | Permalink

What's Best Way to Catch a Snakehead?

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: Potomac River

I recently went to the Potomac River to catch Snakeheads by the chain bridge and saw a few nice Snakeheads come up for air but didn't catch any, only Bass. I've been told they are aggressive feeders but everyone I spoke to on the water said you need to snag them. Am I wasting time with things like buzz baits? And is it legal to use large treble hooks to snag Snakeheads?

DNR Response: Buzz baits can work too, or most tackle. The anglers log itself is full of great info on catching Snakehead, just search "Snakehead." I've also got a report that summarizes how anglers have had success catching Snakehead. I don't know of any gear restriction for catching Snakehead, as long as its legal tackle. Snagging a Snakehead probably works as well as using a gaff or spear or bow and arrow.

Tags: Northern Snakehead