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  1. Richard Gunion, Recreational Angler
  2. Washington, D.C.
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Posted on October 28, 2013 | Permalink


Beaver Creek Fishing Report

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Lower Beaver Creek

I decided to take advantage of the fall stocking of lower Beaver Creek. I started fishing one of the holes by a small bridge. I talked to a fisherman who had been there for 3 hours in the morning and he caught only one trout. Fishing was slow but there were plenty of trout in the creek. I tried streamers and nymphs but these fish would not budge. One man gave directions to the mill so I went there and found a bunch of fisherman catching one here and there but I had no luck. One fisherman gave me a black and pink wooly bugger to try but still no luck. He had already caught his limit and said that the fly needed some color to get a strike. The fish would chase it but not bite. I guess that one day of heavy fishing pressure can make a lot of difference.

I headed up to Middle Creek to see if it had received another stocking. In one of the big pools I saw some Smallmouth Bass and maybe one Rainbow Trout but still the same thing happened-these fish would not bite. Water levels were really low and clear in Middle Creek which is usually slightly muddy.

I returned to Beaver Creek and the first place I fished at in the morning and hooked a Rainbow Trout on the black and pink wooly bugger. I landed him but did not get any more bites. Tried nymphs and finally a green streamer which got a strike but I lost the fish. The trees and limbs claimed quite a few of my flies and leaders as I could not help getting my fly line hooked in them.

I decided to go back to the mill and fished a streamer in one of the runs. Still no luck. It looked like my wife and I would only have one fish to share for dinner. Then I remembered a spot under one of the bridges at the mill. There were a bunch of trout stacked up in hole but still the same story-they would not bite on anything. I switched to tiny bead had nymph and tipped it with some leftover purple power bait. This did the trick and I soon filled my limit catching four fish at the mill in the late afternoon. I had to carefully maneuver the nymph so it would float directly into the trout's mouth. If it was off by 2 inches-no bites. It was a happy ending to an otherwise slow day of fishing. There might not be much left by now as the two put and take locations are receiving a steady stream of anglers. Most of the fish are small but good eating.

Tags: Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass