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  1. Steve Doctor, Fisheries Biologist
  2. Ocean City, MD
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Posted on September 2, 2010 | Permalink

Fishing on the front of Earl

Type: Ocean
Region: Eastern
Location: Ocean City

Hurricanes bring all kinds of things to Ocean City; great surf, too much wind, and large pelagics! The recent spat of offshore hurricanes is no exception, we have been experiencing great marlin fishing the past two years in September and this year is the best so far. Yesterday I went 80 miles southeast to between the Washington and Norfolk canyons in the deep and experienced a truly blue planet day. Packs of three to five white marlin were balling up schools of bait on the surface, and cutting back and forth through the bait slashing and eating. On the tower you could clearly see them lit up pelagic blue and having a time of it. We were fortunate enough to get 20 solid bites, but due to some faulty leader material only got six to the boat (he he: did I just complain about only catching six marlin in a day?)

Through the day we saw over a hundred marlin and not just glimpses but we watched them swimming around and in and out of our spread continuously most of the day. One time while on the tower watching for fish, I spotted a boil, and expecting a marlin I turned the boat toward it. Up came not a marlin but a HUGE black whale, I NEARLY FELL OFF THE TOWER I WAS SO SURPRISED. It was massive and coal black. Usually when you see a whale around here they are traveling and you see them again and again. This one didnít back come up and my friend showed it to me descending straight down on the depth finder. We were in 800 fathoms of water (4,800 feet), and he said he has seen them drop over 1000 feet before he lost it on the sounder! Going down to eat squid I would presume- pretty impressive dive for a free diver Iíd say!

After Earl passes by and it calms down for a day or two, its back to the deep to see what has been left behind this time. Ocean City is truly the WHITE MARLIN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

PS Summer Flounder (Big Flounder) and Black Sea Bass (Big Sea Bass) fishing is picking up- stay tuned.

Tags: White Marlin, Black Whale, Summer Flounder, Black Sea Bass