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Posted on January 31, 2014 | Permalink

Lake Roland Freshwater Mussel

Type: Freshwater
Region: Centeral
Location: Lake Roland

I spotted this (freshwater mussel shell?) while canoeing Lake Roland. Ive never seen anything like it and was surprised by the size. Thoughts on what it is?

DNR Response By Biologist Matt Ashton: Based on a few of the characters I see, the mussel appears to be a tidewater mucket (Anodonta implicata). Since I dont have it in my hands to know for certain I have a question for you. Does the inside of the lower margin of the shell thicken from the 2 to 3 mark, probably right around 2.5? If it does, then it is certainly a tidewater mucket. Like their name implies, they are generally found in tidal rivers and creeks, but also have been found in the larger impoundments of Baltimore County. They are one of the faster growing and larger freshwater mussel species in Maryland.

Tags: Freswater Mussel, Tidewater Mucket