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  1. Wayne Young, Recreational Angler
  2. Annadale, VA
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Posted on May 13, 2014 | Permalink

Breezy Point & Calvert Cliffs Discharge

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Mid Bay
Location: Breezy Point & Calvert Cliffs Discharge

Trip Details and Results: Launched FISHHAWKS NEST from Breezy Point Marina. 2 fishers. Proceeded east to 40 feet of water and trolled north to the radar towers and south to about 2 miles south of the entrance to Breezy Point, working the area in 37-50 feet depths trolling 6 rigs. The fleet was working this area and pretty much everyone had planer boars outs. No hits. Saw small bait balls and one large bait ball in the 38-45 foot depth range on the west side. Saw one keeper caught on a recreational boat alongside. Heard a couple hoots coming from several charter boats. Generally was a slow pick, although on returning we noted one recreational boat had limited. After about 5 hours of no luck, we did a quick run down to Calvert Cliffs to try to warm water discharge and jigged for about an hour and a quarter. My fishing partner and I each caught a 12" smallie. Both were caught on the same lure I used in my last report covering the same location. A striper that appeared to be in the mid 20" range threw the hook about 10 feet from the boat. We lost several other small fish as well. A recreational boat that had been fishing there all day reported pulling in 50 rockfish, all but one undersize. They did have one 31" rockfish, and also said they released several stripers in the 25" range.

Technical Note: I took a screen shot of the outfall with my Humminbird 798 and offer it and an annotated version for general information. The structure appears to be a big block with a top opening in the middle that rises to within about 6 feet of the surface and appears to have 2 opposing discharge pipes. There is a vertical drop of 6-10 feet around the structure. The bottom slopes off to the east down to 20-25 feet. Lots of big lure snagging rocks in the area of the first boil on the east side. The west side slopes up towards the shoreline and appears to be free of obstructions on the bottom. The discharge boils to the surface and carries off to the east. The turbulent discharges are visible on the screen shot as several ribbon-like images.

Tags: Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass