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Posted on June 27, 2011 | Permalink

Fishing with Friends and An Eastern Shore Dinner

Type: Tidal
Region: Eastern
Location: Choptank River

Friday evening I took my friends Ben Wright and Justin Wright and launched the boat out of Matapeake (a great county ramp by the way). We quickly caught some small white perch and a few small spot along the jetty and threw them in the live well. Was a little breezy for my small boat at first, but the wind calmed down after a bit and we began to live line along the channel edge in 20-30 feet of water. Only ended up with 2 keepers, but for 2 guys that primarily fresh water fish, they had a blast.

On Saturday I took my Aunt, Donna Goodman, and my cousin, Whitney Goodman from BelAir out on the Choptank River. The plan was to spend a beautiful day on the water and try a little bit of everything. They both love crabs and have never run a trot line before so we started off doing that. Since my Aunt was coming from BelAir that morning, we got a late start and didn't have the line in the water until 10:30, but this trip was more about the experience then actually catching so we were undeterred. After setting the line, we threw over a couple of crab traps and then took a quick dip in the water to cool off. On our first run, we picked up a couple of really nice crabs which raised the crews moral and started us thinking about crabs for dinner! The action wasn't fast by any means but we picked up crabs on each run and they started adding up! To pass the time between runs we wet the fishing lines on some nearby oyster bars. We picked up catfish, croaker, spot, and white perch. By the end of the day we had enough crabs and fish for a nice Eastern Shore dinner! Picked up some local corn on the way home and had a great evening with friends and family.

Tags: Striped Bass, White Perch, Blue Crabs, Catfish