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Posted on July 22, 2011 | Permalink

Garrett County: No Civilization But Lots of Nature

Type: All
Location: Savage River, Chesapeake Bay

This week’s trip to the Savage River was interesting. While we were basically in the middle of nowhere, we were surrounded by mountains, forests, and rivers, all abundant with nature’s creatures. Electrofishing was much harder in the Savage River as each section was covered with rocks and boulders that we had to climb through without getting electrocuted by the water. I successfully made it through the whole trip without shocking myself. I also caught and saw my first brook trout which has amazing, almost neon, coloring. The only disappointing part of our surveys was that the number of fish we were catching was much lower than last year for some reason. Hopefully that will change within the next couple of years. Outside from our work on the Savage River, we had some time to relax and explore. We spent some time lying on the beach at Deep Creek Lake and also swimming and rock climbing at Swallow Tail Falls. My first taste of freshly hunted deer topped everything off.

Upon my return to civilization, I helped out with the program, Marylander’s Grow Oysters. We collected the oyster cages from private homes and released them into an oyster sanctuary. At one particular home, a family came out onto the pier when we arrived. As we pulled up the cages, we showed the children what they had been growing. They were very excited to see the oysters and other little organisms that were living in the cages. Chris Judy, one of the leaders of this program told me that this was what the program was all about: exciting the public about saving the bay. If each participant is continually excited about the oysters, chances are they will be more involved with other environmental issues that affect the bay and its surrounding waters. I learned that the river that I live on (The Severn River), participates in this program, so I can’t wait to get my own cages of oysters to grow on my dock!

Tags: Trout, Oysters