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Posted on July 29, 2011 | Permalink

Week 5

Type: Chesapeake

Athough I only made it out into the field two times this week, those two days were filled with excitement and education. Thursday, I ventured out on a charter boat to fish for some rockfish. To start off, we needed some bait so we went to a very popular area at the mouth of the Choptank to fish for some spot. Lucky me caught the very first one and followed up with eight more! All together our boat caught about 60 spot to put in the live well. Now it was time for the fun stuff! We hooked up our lines with live spot, dropped them in the water, and let them do their thing. With this method of fishing, we caught about five rockfish, one of them being mine. Those that were larger than 18in and healthy were tagged as a part of the Diamond Jim competition and then released. We caught a few that werenít healthy enough to be tagged so we kept them for dinner! The spot were slowly dying and werenít catching the fish as well as we hoped they would so we switched to trolling. With this method we caught about six rockfish and one bluefish.

Friday morning I had the chance of going out on a patrol with two Natural Resource Police officers. We left out of the South River to start our rounds. We stopped all sorts of recreational and commercial fisherman and crabbers. Most seemed to have everything in order, but we did have to issue a few warnings for minor mistakes. While we were stopped at a dock reviewing some recreational crabbers, a lady from the History Channel asked if her cameraman could get on our boat to film. They were filming for the show Modern Marvels and this particular episode had to do with wood. They were featuring this small four foot boat that this man custom made for his daughter. The cameraman was approved to go on our boat, so we filmed the daughter riding around in this little blue boat. We got the money shot according to the cameraman so I am looking forward to seeing that episode in the winter. Another cool coincidence that I came across while we were pulling people over was that a random fisherman who we were reviewing recognized me from the MDNR website! I didnít quite realize just how many people read the anglers log, so that made me extremely excited and reminded me just how great of an opportunity this internship really is.

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