Accomplishments of Hatcheries Division Projects

The multitude of projects conducted by the Hatcheries Division have been very successful and beneficial to both the resources and citizens of Maryland.

Highlights from 2013 include:

  • Assessment activities performed by Anadromous Restoration biologists documented the continued success of the shad restoration project in the Patuxent River and Choptank River.
  • Approximately 1,000 juvenile Canadian origin Atlantic sturgeon are being held in multiple aquaculture facilities throughout Maryland. These fish are cultured for scientific research on sperm cryopreservation techniques, culture techniques, marking methodology, feeding and nutritional studies and genetic analysis.
  • 1,075,000 striped bass were produced for research, educational outreach, and stocking purposes.
  • Funding from the Maryland Department of Transportation Port Administration supports a new stocking project for larval and juvenile American shad, hickory shad, alewife, and blueback herring in the Patapsco River. This is a multi-year restoration effort managed by the Hatcheries Division. The project is complementary to ongoing restoration work in the river conducted by the Fisheries Service Fish Passage Program, the Maryland Biological Stream Survey, American Rivers, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. All of these groups are working together to support ecological restoration of the Patapsco River. The stocking project includes fish culture, stocking, and assessment of four historically important migratory species. In 2013, the project stocked 295,000 American shad, 561,000 hickory shad, 717,000 alewife, and 277,000 blueback herring into the Patapsco River.
  • Albert Powell Hatchery received an "A" classification rating for fish health from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Northeast Fishery Center Fish Health Laboratory. This rating is granted only after a facility tests pathogen-free for three consecutive years. This is an important step forward for the program, which has committed to strict biosecurity and fish health protocols over the past five years.

Hatcheries Division 2013 Stocking Summary:

  • American Shad - 4,169,000
  • Hickory Shad - 1,581,000
  • Alewife Herring - 717,000
  • Blueback Herring - 277,000
  • Trout - 549,955
  • Largemouth Bass - 227,401
  • Walleye - 915,000
  • Bluegill - 174,000
  • Hybrid Sunfish - 5,802
  • Tiger Musky - 100
  • Golden Shiners - 100,000