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First Comment Period Open for Black Drum Fisheries Management Plan | Maryland DNR Fisheries Service News

First Comment Period Open for Black Drum Fisheries Management Plan

5/8/2012  |   Posted by hrickabaugh

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The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission) is currently seeking comment on the Public Information Document for an Interstate Fisheries Management Plan for Black Drum. The document can be found on the Commission website ( under Breaking News, or by following this link

The Commission is developing an interstate fishery management plan for black drum. Management authority for this species within internal waters and from zero to three nautical miles offshore currently lies with the coastal states. This plan would act to coordinate state management throughout the management unit through the Commission.

This is your opportunity to inform the Commission about changes observed in the fisheries, actions you feel should or should not be taken in terms of management, regulation, enforcement, research, and any other concerns you have about the resources or the fisheries, as well as the reasons for your concerns. The document provides background and current management information on black drum, as well as a series of questions to help facilitate the public comment process. Comments given at this time will be taken into consideration during the development of the draft management plan. The public will have another opportunity to comment on the draft management plan for black drum before it is considered for final approval.

Comments will be accepted until 5:00 PM (EST) on July 20, 2012.

You may submit written public comment by mail, fax, or email to:

Danielle Chesky
1050 North Highland St., Suite 200 A-N
Arlington, VA 22201
Fax: (703) 842-0741

If you have any questions please call Danielle Chesky at (703) 842-0740.