Thank you for your interest in the Chespaeake Forest Hunt Club Lease Lottery. 2012 Lottery is closed, please check back in August 2013 for the next Hunt Club Lottery. If you have any questions please email Denise Snyder at



The Department has completed its comprehensive planning process for managing hunting opportunities on Chesapeake Forest Lands, which will incorporate both Public Hunting and Leased Hunting. Chesapeake Forest tracts open to Public Hunting can be viewed on the Chesapeake Forest website. Hunt Clubs that are interested in obtaining a hunting lease agreement on Chesapeake Forest can enter the lottery for one of the non-leased tracts that are currently available for Hunt Club leasing. The Department will be conducting a public lottery to allocate these available tracts as per the following instructions

Lottery Guidelines:

The following are requirements and information for entering the Hunt Club Lottery:

Only hunt club members at least 18 years of age can participate in the lottery. A hunt club is defined as a club of at least two members each with a Maryland Hunting License and one person designated as the club president. Each member may fill out a lottery form. Only one submittal per person will be placed in the lottery.

There is NO FEE to enter into the lottery drawing.

You are allowed to list up to 4 tracts for the Hunting Lottery, if your lottery entry is selected you will be awarded the first available tract on your list. It is recommended that you visit the tracts that you list on the lottery form. Some tracts have limited access. Tract directions and maps are posted on this website or can be obtained through the Chesapeake Forest Office. A hunt club selected in the lottery must sign a Hunt Club Lease Agreement the day of the lottery. You must present a photo ID at the signing of your lease for the Notary Public. A list of all hunt club members will also be required at the signing of the lease. Full payment for the leased tract is due by Friday, September 21, 2012. Hunt clubs are required to carry a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy, with one million dollars per occurrence, two million annual aggregate, for the club. Proof of insurance is required upon payment. Hunt clubs are expected to help maintain access roads, gates and signs along on the leased property. A Hunt club is also permitted to camp on the tract; however they must obtain a camping permit from the Forest Manager for each camping trailer. Permits are $60 for deer season camping (Sept. 1 – Jan. 31) and $25 for Turkey season camping (Apr.1 – May 31). Any club that fails to make payment on a lease by the payment deadline indicated on the lottery form will forfeit their lease. The tract will then be offered to the runner up club selected in the lottery that had that tract listed on their lottery form. Questions concerning the lottery should be directed to Denise Snyder at 410-632-3732 or