Teacher's Guide For the Arbor Day
Distribution of Seedlings

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service and Maryland State Department of Education
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Dear Arbor Day Teachers,

The Arbor Day Teacherís Guide was written by Maryland elementary school educators who have been involved with Arbor Day in their schools. The development of the Guide was a cooperative effort between Marylandís Department of Natural Resources and the State Department of Education. We have tried to make the activities child-centered, fun and authentic, while keeping the use of activities flexible enough to meet your particular class or school needs. The activities in the Teacherís Guide should be helpful to you as you prepare for Arbor Day. Although Marylandís Ďofficialí ArborDay is the first Wednesday in April, almost any day is a good day to plant trees. Planting directions and informative classroom activities are included in the Guide.

Arbor Day is a wonderful opportunity to help students developtheir sense of appreciation and ability to care for living things in general and trees in particular. We are dependent on trees and forests for many difference resources we use every day. Trees and forests give us jobs, many environmental benefits and a quiet place to walk on a summer day. We hope you find this Teacherís Guide helpful and easy to use, and that as you implement Arbor Day you take a few minutes to sit in the shade with two of Marylandís special resources, our trees and our children.

Rebecca H. Bell
MSDE Environmental Education Specialist

Maryland State Dept. of EducationMaryland State Dept. of Natural Resources

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