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[A father walking his kids through the woods on a trail.] Forests are places where people go to have fun, exercise, or to find peace and solitude. The enjoyment from being in the forest comes from what people see and how it makes them feel. Spending time in natural settings, like forests, improve the quality of peoples lives.

The wide array of forest conditions existing across Maryland add to our enjoyment when hunting, horseback riding, backpacking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, caving, birding, picnicking, gathering nuts and berries, photographing and watching wild animals, identifing and photographing wildflowers and other plants, and studying nature. Hiking and camping in primitive areas are the top two recreational uses of forests. Mountain biking is gaining in popularity.

On Maryland's State Forests, trails and other means of access are maintained, but the landscape is not significantly changed. There are few concession stands, bathrooms, or other modern conveniences because people using the forest want to spend time in natural settings.

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