Maryland DNR - Forest Service Landowner Service Fees
Plan preparation:
                       Less than 5 acres = $100
            525 acres = $200
           2650 acres = $225
           51100 acres = $250
           101500 acres = $275
           501 or more acres = $300

Plan inspection:
            510 acres = $50,
            11 or more acres = $100;

Equipment rental
           bedding with State equipment at $40 per acre;

Planting site exams at $40 per exam.

Fees collected for the Department's assistance shall be deposited into the Woodland Incentive Fund.

Fees deposited into the Woodland Incentive Fund shall be used by the Department for offsetting portions of the costs associated with providing cost-share and technical assistance to landowners.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service wants to know if this service is helpful for you or your company, please send comments and/or suggestions to Maryland DNR.

Last updated: March 26, 2008

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