Street Tree Fact Sheets (availability)
Purpose: Provides a collection of tree species and cultivars appropriate for street tree planting sites.

Scope: Includes listings for small, medium, and large growing species of trees that grow in the mid-Atlantic area. (Hardiness zones listed)

Description: A wire bound book with 400 pages containing color images and descriptions of over 180 species. Each fact sheet includes the tree's common and scientific names, height and width, shape, foliage type, flowers and fruits, as well as a description of the appearance and other noteworthy features. Color-coded symbol on each fact sheet will denote compatibility with utility wires. Includes a new and colored USDA hardiness map, and pages of advice on evaluating sites, selecting trees, avoiding conflicts with utility lines, procuring planting stock, planting methods, and initial care and pruning of newly planted trees. Last known revision was 1993. Book is $20.00 per copy, which includes mailing costs.

Annual Accomplishments/Year-to-Date Performance: n/a

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