Woodland Incentive Program
Purpose: Provide cost sharing assistance for tree planting, site preparation and timber stand improvement practices.

Scope: The program pays up to 65% of eligible practices and is available to owners of at least 5 forest acres but not more than 1,000 acres that, when appropriate, has the potential to be harvested for products including logs, timbers, pulpwood, firewood, woodchips, poles, piles, posts and other primary forest products, has not been subject to federal cost-share assistance in any of the 5 years preceding application for the same practice and has not received Woodland Incentive Program assistance in any of the 15 years preceding application for the same practice.

Description: Eligible landowners can apply for specific practices through their local forester. If approved, landowners complete the practices and pay for the goods and/or services. The local forester will then inspect the practice to ensure proper implementation. Upon approval by the forester, copies of the invoices and checks used to pay the invoices are submitted to the forester for processing. The landowner will then receive a reimbursement check for up to 65% of their costs. Eligible practices include: thinning, pruning, prescribed burning, crop tree release, site preparation for natural or artificial reforestation, herbicide treatments and planting of seedlings.

Annual Accomplishments: Approximately $100,000 is distributed to 75-100 landowners for management practices on 1,500 - 2,000 acres.

Contact Person:
Your local DNR forester or Dan Rider

Maryland DNR Forest Service
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
E-mail: drider@dnr.state.md.us

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service wants to know if this service is helpful for you or your company, please send comments and/or suggestions to Maryland DNR.

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