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Schools interested in educational activities or tree planting and care programs should consider:
  • Anne Arundel County Critical Area Reforestation Program
    This is a reforestation program aimed at meeting the requirements of the county Critical Area program. Landowners can take advantage of this program by dedicating a piece of idle open land or marginal cropland to the establishment of forest. The county will bear all cost of tree stock and installation by contractors. The owner of the property must agree to maintain the area in trees. Contact: Anne Arundel County, Environmental Planning Division, 410 222 7441. http://www.aacounty.org/PlanZone/Development/CriticalAreas.cfm
  • Baltimore County - Department of Environmental Protection and Resource Management (DEPRM)
    DEPRM is once again pleased to partner with the Maryland Department of Natural Resource's (DNR) in the state's Tree-Mendous Maryland Program, by coordinating the free delivery of trees to citizens and community groups in Baltimore County. This state program was designed to provide citizen groups with an inexpensive way to obtain trees and shrubs for planting on public lands and within community open spaces only. Examples are parks, school grounds, municipal streets, government facilities, and homeowners associations open spaces. http://www.baltimorecountymd.gov/Agencies/environment/forestsandtrees/index.html 
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation Habitat Reforestation Program
    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is a non-profit, member based environmental organization that offers opportunities for landowners, groups, and individuals to get involved in preserving and restoring the watershed habitat of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. A large part of their efforts is channeled into resource protection, advocacy, and education to Save the Bay. Leadership training, riparian buffer and wildlife habitat plantings, and stream restoration events offer volunteers the opportunity to get involved. Contact CBF at 410-268-8816. Visit the website at www.cbf.org 

  • Gift of Trees Program
    This innovative program allows you to have trees planted in honor or memory of family and friends or for a special occasion. Trees will be planted in designated groves in the county in which the recipient of the certificate lives. A beautiful Certificate is sent to announce the gift. Special groves of ten or more trees can be arranged. Contact: TREE MENDOUS MARYLAND 410 260 8531. Or visit the website at www.dnr.state.md.us/Forests/Treemendous.

  • John S. Ayton State Forest Tree Nursery Seedling Program
    Homeowners and landowners owning at least one quarter acre can purchase tree seedlings from the State Nursery for conservation purposes including general reforestation, wildlife habitat enhancement, erosion control, windbreaks and wood production and Christmas Tree production. The minimum order is 250 pine or 100 hardwood seedlings. Prices vary by species. Orders are generally taken in the fall and winter and delivered in early spring. United Parcel Service shipment provides the door to door delivery of the seedlings during March and April or you may pick up your order at the nursery in Preston. http://www.dnr.maryland.gov/forests/nursery/

  • Maryland Urban and Community Forest Committee (MUCFC)
    Established in 1992, the MUCFC, is a committee of the MD Forestry Board Foundation composed of concerned private citizens and corporations, businesses and community organizations, and government officials interested in making the natural environment where they live and work healthier, and the quality of life in their communities better, through the planting and care of trees. Contact the MUCFC at the Department of Natural Resources in Annapolis at 410 260 8531. http://dnr.md.gov/forests/programs/urban/mcfc.asp

  • Maryland Green Schools Award Program
    Administered through MAEOE (Maryland Association of Outdoor and Environmental Education) the Marylandís Green Schools Award Program recognizes Maryland schools that include environmental education in the curricula, model best management practices at the school and address community environmental issues. Contact cetgen@dnr.state.md.us 410-260-8716 http://dnr.maryland.gov/education/greenschools.asp

  • Maryland PLANT (People Loving And Nurturing Trees) Community Program
    Is your community actively involved in a program of tree planting and care? The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Maryland Urban and Community Forest Committee officially recognize communities that have committed themselves to improving the quality of life and environment. Any community, large or small, may apply for certification as a Maryland PLANT Community after meeting basic standards of organization, planning, planting, care and citizen action. Technical assistance is available to help meet the standards. Award winners receive a plaque which can be updated annually. Contact: Maryland Community Forest Council, 410-260-8531 or your DNR - Forest Service office. Visit the website at  http://dnr.md.gov/forests/programs/plantinfo.asp

  • National Arbor Day Foundation
    An awards recognition program honoring the achievements of citizens, communities, the media, and schools whose work in the cause of tree planting, care and conservation have set an example of excellence. Applications are submitted through the MD Department of Natural Resources to the National Arbor Day Foundation. Contact: DNR Forest Service local office or The National Arbor Day Foundation 888-448-7337. Visit the website at www.Arborday.org

  • Parks and People/Revitalizing Baltimore (RB) is a regional partnership
    strengthening community-based efforts to improve urban natural resources supported by the USDA Forest Service and managed by the Parks & People Foundation in cooperation with the Maryland State Forester. http://www.parksandpeople.org/

  • Project Learning Tree
    An environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators to help students gain an awareness, appreciation, understanding, and knowledge of the world around them through instructional activities and workshops. Contact dreinecke@dnr.state.md.us call 410-543-1951 or visit the website at http://www.dnr.state.md.us/forests/kids/plt.html

  • "Right Tree - Right Place"
    This Program, developed by Baltimore Gas & Electric Company, (BGE) helps improve the aesthetics and health of roadside trees that grow under or near their high voltage power lines. If a proposed project is approved by BGE, and the municipality or community participates in the project, BGE will partner with them to remove the tall-growing trees and re-plant with trees compatible with the overhead lines. Trees must be on public lands or right-of-way to qualify. Contact: BGE Forestry Unit at 410-291-3673 or visit the website at http://www.bge.com/customerservice/servicerequests/treetrimming/pages/default.aspx

    A national award winning action program that provides opportunities for citizens, schools, community associations, corporations and businesses to work together to "re green" the state. During the past eighteen years over a million Marylanders have participated in TREE MENDOUS Maryland projects and have planted over eight million native trees, seedlings, and shrubs. Volunteer and community groups have purchased over 250,000 large trees through a tree sales program. Companies like Winchester Homes, Northrup Grumond, Whole Foods, Baltimore City Rotary Club, Seventh Generation, and McCormick have donated services and funds, and their volunteers have planted parkland, streamside buffers, and highway rights-of-ways throughout the State. TREE MENDOUS Maryland can help you find the right program to meet your individual needs or can customize a program for your community, school or business. http://www.dnr.maryland.gov/forests/treemendous

  • Wild Acres Program
    Trees and shrubs offer shelter as well as food for birds, squirrels, and other types of wildlife. Discover owls and bats, and get tips for wildlife in your backyards. Whether you have a small yard or acres of property, you can learn how to landscape to help support Maryland's wildlife. Click on "Habichat" to learn the latest backyard sanctuary ideas. http://dnr.md.gov/wildlife/Habitat/WildAcres/index.asp .

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