GI at Douglas Point, Swallow Falls, and Deal Island

Maryland's Green Infrastructure

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is working to identify those undeveloped lands most critical to the state's long-term ecological health. These lands, referred to as Maryland's green infrastructure, provide the natural foundation needed to support diverse plant and animal populations, and enable valuable natural processes like filtering water and cleaning the air to take place. As urban and exurban development eliminate and fragment our remaining natural lands, it is critical to identify and focus protection on those areas we can least afford to lose. Identification and prioritization of the green infrastructure is an ongoing process, as newer data and improved methodologies become available. Documents and maps pertaining to these assessments are contained on this web page.

Climbing at Greenbrier State Park Brief Overview

Documentation and Analyses Data and Services References Contact
  • Overall planning and coordination of green infrastructure:

    Christine Conn, Ph.D.
    Office for a Sustainable Future
    Maryland Department of Natural Resources
    580 Taylor Ave
    Annapolis, MD 21401

  • Techincal issues related to Maryland's green infrastructure:

    Kevin Coyne
    Ecosystem Analysis and Targeting
    Maryland Department of Natural Resources
    580 Taylor Ave
    Annapolis, MD 21401
For a detailed discussion of the importance of protecting green infrastructure lands and links to other sites, readers may wish to visit the Green Infrastructure web site created by The Conservation Fund at .

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