Guide to Black Bear Hunting in Maryland

Bear Hunters' Guide to Hunting Black Bears in Maryland 2014

Allegany County Bear Hunting Opportunities

Bear activity is increasing throughout western Maryland as the black bear population continues to expand eastward into suitable habitat. Allegany County, with its rural landscape and vast amounts of public land holds some prime bear habitat. According to the results of the 2011 DNA-based population estimate, western Allegany County has more bears per square mile than anywhere else in the state. Allegany County has also seen an increase in the number of sightings and nuisance calls as well as vehicle collisions over the past several years. Though all of Allegany County has been open to bear hunting since 2006, the habitat has remained relatively unhunted. In fact, less than 15% of the bears harvested since 2004 have come from Allegany County.

Public Hunting Opportunities in Allegany County

  • Dan’s Mountain WMA
    In terms of bear hunting opportunities, Dan’s Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is most notable perhaps, boasting over 9,500 acres of public hunting opportunities within prime bear habitat.  Dan’s Mountain is heavily forested with oak trees as the dominant species.  Dan’s Mountain is flanked on its west side by small communities along the George’s Creek watershed and on its east side by communities of the Potomac Valley.  Bear sightings and complaints are common in these areas. Though rugged in places, Dan’s Mountain WMA is quite accessible with over five miles of public access roads.  A primitive camping area is located on the eastern side of the WMA.
  • Warrior Mountain WMA
    At over 4,827 acres, Warrior Mountain WMA offers the ridge and stream valley topography typical of Western Maryland.  At the top of Warrior Mountain, a power line clearing overlooks a spectacular view of the surrounding terrain.  Oak-hickory forests, over-grown apple orchards, and a primitive camping area are features of Warrior Mountain WMA.
  • Billmeyer-Belle Grove WMA
    Billmeyer-Belle Grove WMA is over 1,100 acres in size and situated within the ridge and valley physiographic province near the Pennsylvania State border.  Characterized by steep slopes and deep hollows, elevations range from 800 feet in the hollow along Terrapin Run to a high of 1,200 feet along the ridge tops.  The property is dominated by mixed oak forest with a few patches of conifers and about 25 acres in fields or small wildlife openings.  The Belle Grove tract offers a disabled hunter access road. For more information about any of the WMAs in Allegany County, call 301-478-2525.
  • Green Ridge State Forest
    Green Ridge is the second largest of Maryland's State Forests consisting of a 46,000-acre oak-hickory forest.  It is located in eastern Allegany County, approximately eight miles east of Flintstone off I-68 at Exit 64.  Town Hill, Green Ridge and Polish Mountains elevation varies from 475 feet at the Potomac River to 2,039 feet on Town Hill. Magnificent views of the surrounding landscape can be seen from many points and overlooks. Habitats vary from riverine to mountainous and camping opportunities are many throughout Green Ridge State Forest.  For more information call the Green Ridge State Forest Headquarters at 301-478-3124.
  • Rocky Gap State Park
    Rocky Gap State Park is located just east of Cumberland and offers over 1,700 acres of hunting opportunities.  Rugged mountains and the 243-acre Lake Habeeb are features of the area as well as an impressive mile-long gorge, displaying sheer cliffs, overlooks and a hemlock forest dense with rhododendron and mountain laurel.  The bulk of the hunting area is on Evitt’s Mountain, named for one of the first European settlers in Allegany County. For more information regarding Rocky Gap State Park contact the park office at 301-722-1480.