Guide to Black Bear Hunting in Maryland

Bear Hunters' Guide to Hunting Black Bears in Maryland 2014

Black Bear Check-in Procedures

Pursuant to regulation, successful bear hunters are required to transport their bear to an official bear checking station by 8:00 PM on the day of the kill. However, if a hunter kills a bear and is unable to get it to an official checking station by 8:00 PM on the day of the kill, the hunter must contact the Wildlife and Heritage Service prior to the 8:00 PM deadline by calling 301-334-4255. The hunter will then have 24 hours to report to a designated bear checking station with the bear carcass.

Two bear checking stations will be in operation during the bear hunting season. In Garrett County, the DNR Mt. Nebo WMA work complex located at 1728 Kings Run Road north of Oakland (at the intersection of Rt. 219) will serve as a bear checking station. In Allegany County, the DNR Billmeyer WMA work complex located at 11701 Mountain Road between exits #62 and #64 off I-68 will serve as a bear checking station. Successful bear hunters may utilize either official bear checking station.

At the bear checking stations, hunters will be asked to identify the site of the kill on a map. DNR staff will be on hand to examine bears and collect a variety of biological data used to manage the state’s bear population. Data collection at the checking station will include the extraction of a premolar tooth that will later be analyzed to determine the bear’s age and a DNA sample. Hunters will then receive an official black bear possession tag that will be affixed to each bear as proof of legal harvest.