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Hiring Process

How it Works
Thank you for your interest in serving the people of Maryland with in the Department of Natural Resources. Laws and regulations protecting fair hiring practices dictate the staffing process for state agencies. To the novice, they can make the application process seem confusing. Following certain suggested steps will simplify the process and increase your chances of obtaining a career with the Department. The following should give some insight into the process used by DNR to hire.

Important Definitions

Eligible List Processes
There are positions with similar titles that DNR hires for on a routine and ongoing basis. Rather than the confusion of overlapping recruitments for each position, “lists” of eligible applicants are established and posted to a secure website, accessible only by hiring managers.

Analysts in our Recruitment and Selection Division review and rate candidates. In the majority of situations, the reviews are performed on the information already provided in the application/MS100, requiring no additional effort on the part of applicants. Based on objective factors, applicants are rated in a “band scoring” process as Best Qualified, Better Qualified and Qualified.

Once the review is completed and qualifications are demonstrated, the applicant is added to the appropriate list. This is the last step of the process handled by DNR. You must be placed on an eligible list by DNR to be contacted for an interview by a program. Please pay close attention to the posted closing date and submit the requested documents prior to that date to be considered.

Lists are reviewed and interviews are set up by the hiring managers as their resources, time and schedule permit. DNR is not aware of the timeframes, selections or progress beyond this point.

Current Recruitment
These are job openings for which DNR is currently accepting applications. This category includes all “Open and Continuous”, “Position Specific”, Management Service”, “Special Appointment”, and “Contractual” positions (See Definitions Below). If a position is not a Current Recruitment, your application will be returned to you with a notice to that effect. Visit the DNR website often to be updated on current job recruitment announcements as they change weekly!

Open and Continuous
Applications for these positions are accepted at any time during the year. The Department hires too many people into these positions to do a one time recruitment for each, so a list of qualified applicants is created that is accessible to hiring managers statewide at any time as need arises. Follow the directions and submit the appropriate documents for consideration. If you are qualified for the position, your name will be added to the list and be made available for interviews. 

Position Specific Recruitment
This is a one time use search for a specific job at one of our facilities, affiliated counties, or the central office. A “position specific” recruitment is done if there is something unique to the job that would require unique experience or availability that wasn’t required to get on an existing generic list.

An example would be if a facility needed a Program Administrator, class code (2941), but needed someone who had at least two years experience doing budget preparation for a facility. In this case it would be time consuming to run through the entire existing list, contacting each applicant to determine if they had the additional qualifications. DNR would use a one time recruitment with the “selective” experience requirement that in addition to the usual minimum requirements and applicant must also demonstrate “two years experience in budget preparation for a facility”.

It is important to realize that if you were on the generic list for a Program Administrator class code (2941) you would need to submit another application for this one time recruitment (as there would be a new list generated).

Completing the Job Application/MS100
Once you have found a position you are interested in, applying for a position from the DNR Recruitment page is simple. Click on the position link to see a job announcement with detailed information about that position. Print a copy of this announcement for your records. Complete all required areas on a state application/MS100. Click here to get download an MS 100. Give information about your job history that relates to list-required experience on the announcement and attempt to be as concise as possible.

Please send a photocopy only of any required certificates, DD214’s (showing honorable discharge), transcripts, or licenses if required with your application as they will not be returned to you or forwarded to the hiring authority (TIP! Make sure you save a completed copy of the application/MS 100 on your computer as it can be used for future applications to state positions.)

Submit all the required materials to the attention of the contact person stated in the job announcement. Please be certain to include the job announcement number on your application.

Submit all the required materials to:
Department of Natural Resources
580 Taylor Ave., C-3
Annapolis, MD 21401

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