Have you ever wondered about there being aliens in our universe? Have you ever had the desire to explore the galaxy? Well, why don't we question what is closer to us and has perhaps a greater impact on our lives...Have you ever wondered about the unexplored areas on the planet Earth? The ocean is very deep and there are forests and deserts that have barely been touched by human feet or seen by human eyes. How do we know what is out there if we have not been everywhere? The answer is: WE DON'T...

No one has seen all that the world's rivers, bays, and oceans have to offer. There are new sea creatures being discovered by humans all the time. So why is it so hard to believe the reports that some seafarers tell of giant sea monsters and serpents who terrorize the ocean? Does it make us feel better to ignore the possibility of unknown creatures, or are most people correct in disbelieving the stories of such creatures?

This pathfinder is not intended to decide whether Chessie, the suspected sea creature in the Chesapeake Bay, exists or not. It is just a tool to bring together information about Chessie and other alleged sea "monsters". Please enjoy...

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