Sea Serpents

Copyright Lee Krystek, 1996. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Lee Krystek, 1996. All Rights Reserved.

Over the years, sailors and people who live near the water have reported seeing unknown sea animals in the water. These mysterious creatures have been spotted all over the world. Many who have not personally witnessed an unknown sea creature are not easily convinced of their existence. This is not out of the ordinary or difficult to understand.

Several reports of unknown creatures have led to making many of these "monsters" famous. Here are some other well-known "sea monsters":

  • sighted in Lake Champlain near Vermont and New York
  • reported as early as 1609
  • one of the most well-known 'Sea Monsters'
  • resides in Scotland's Loch Ness
  • seen in Lake Okanagan in British Columbia
  • sightings back to 1850
South Bay Bessie
  • spotted in Lake Erie
  • reportedly seen in California's Lake Tahoe

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