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Downloadable DNR Trail Maps

DNR Now Offering Free Downloadable PDF Maps Online Trail Guides for Maryland State Parks

A new online trail guide mapping initiative is currently underway at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). State park and other natural resource visitors now have more options when accessing trail guides.

Previously, trail guides were only available for purchase through the DNR online store or at individual park offices. Now trail guides may also be viewed online, printed from home, or downloaded in digital format at no cost to the user.

The new format of the trail guide allows visitors easier access to trail information, better options in trip planning or hiking, and increased safety through accurate up-to-date conditions of trails.

While the initiative is underway it will be some time before all parks and other resource areas have the new guides available. The list below highlights parks currently offering the new trail guide.

The new trail guides are being offered as Geo-referenced Portable Document Format Maps or PDF Maps. These maps can be used on any electronic device with the free Adobe Reader software.

Geo-referenced PDF’s have all the same features as a standard PDF but they now allow visitors the ability to use proven 3rd party applications that increase the functionality of the trail guide. For more information see below.

Free Apps Allow Visitors More Opportunities with Online Trail Guides

Newly released applications (apps) for both IOS and Android devices allow visitors the opportunity to enjoy interactive features using the new online trail guides.
Apps like “PDF Maps” released by Avenza Systems Inc. allow visitors to easily download, browse, navigate and interact with the new geo-referenced
PDF trail guides in both an online and offline environment. This means that visitors can utilize this application and trail guide even when not connected to the internet.
For more information on installing and using this application visit: www.avenza.com/pdf-Maps


To access the new trail guides follow these instructions:

  1. First, visit the DNR Homepage and click on the parks tab located at the top of page. DNR Homepage located here: http://www.dnr.maryland.gov/
  2. Next, from the pull down menu on the right select the park you are interested in and click view park brochure.
  3. Under the info tab on the right you should be able to locate the new trail guide.
  4. Once you have accessed the trail guide you can view, print, or download the map at no cost.
  5. If you would like to use the PDF Maps App, You must first download the app to a phone and upload a copy of the trail guide to the app. For clarification see below.

For those individuals who have downloaded the app or wish to use the “PDF Maps” app and take advantage of interactive mapping features, it is important to know that at the present time trail guides are only available via park websites and cannot be accessed through the Avenza Map Store.

This means that to download the map to the app users will have to use the “From the web” option when adding maps and enter the address of the online PDF or alternatively store a copy of the downloaded map to a site like Dropbox or ITunes File sharing for uploading to the app.

In the future our hope is to make maps available through the Avenza Map store, but currently we are not offering this option. We appreciate your patience while we complete the new trail guides and encourage comments and feedback as we continue to refine the product.

We encourage visitors to download and use the new trail guide, or if you have already done so, then feedback and comments are welcome. they may be e-mailed to Rodney Vese Jr. at: rodney.vese@maryland.gov

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