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Land Acquisition & Planning Unit Staff Contacts

Land Acquisition and Planning has now reorganized into five focus groups to continue the forty-year legacy of land acquisition in the state of Maryland. Land Acquisition and Planning (LAP) has three core functions: Land Conservation, Stewardship and Community Resilience (Local Support).

The LAP team is organized into these five focus groups.

Land Conservation

  • State Land Acquisition, Program Open Space – State side
  • Rural Legacy Program
  • CREP easements, Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
  • Federal Grants
  • Dept. of General Service Collaboration, and
  • Board of Public Works Relations
  • Stewardship

  • Administers DNR-wide Stewardship Teams
  • Prioritization of state acquisitions
  • Project review of requests which propose to alter DNR Real Property interests
  • Interdepartmental and interagency coordination
  • Liaison and collaborative efforts with land management units
  • Curatorships
  • Legal Agreements processing
  • Trails Planning
  • Community Resilience (Local Support)

  • Local Acquisitions & Development, Program Open Space Local Side
  • Community Parks & Playgrounds Grants, and
  • Local Government partnerships.
  • Real Property

  • Asset Inventory and Management System (AIMS) project management
  • State Lands Boundary Inventory
  • Title and survey research and evaluation of priority acquisition projects
  • Survey contract management for state acquisitions
  • Boundary Recovery training, assistance and management
  • LAP Management

    This group manages the day to day operations of the LAP unit and provides vital support functions to the different teams.